Make Mine “To Go”

“Is this what’s called a ‘doggy bag?’ – Cuteporter Catherine. (Envoyé de mon iPad.)




  1. I will take the yummi puppeh!!!

  2. I’m not sure those ears are actually 9 and 3, but I’m sure 7 or 8 other rules of cuteness apply. There must be one about huge eyes. This pup makes an everyday object (the purse) look large.

  3. Eyebrow dots!!!!!!

  4. Emmberrann says:


  5. Methinks that is an actual puppeh-carrying bag. See the perforations for ventilation?

  6. You’re almost certainly correct. The dog-carrier bags I’d seen before were almost all mesh, but looking online, I do see plenty that are closer to solid. This must be one of those. Thanks.