Caturday: My Favorite Martian

Remember that classic 1960s TV show? No? Well, that’s what he looked like!

From Flickerer David R.



  1. “I’m just dandy lyin’ here in the grass.”

  2. Uncle Martin!

  3. I’ve long suspected that cats were not of this planet. 🙂

  4. emmberrann says:

    That explains it!

  5. Niiice! 😆

  6. Cats are aliens, that explains a LOT.

  7. whatthelump says:

    Now that’s serendipity, such charming markings too!
    Anyone seen the 70s movie “The Cat From Outer Space”? Reminded me of that.

  8. Ray Walston came back as a cat???

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    Possibly the most perfect picture ever taken.

  10. “The Bugaloos.
    The Bugaloos.
    They’re in the air & everywhere,
    Flyin’ loose,
    Flyin’ free,
    Flyin’ happy as a summer breeze…
    Happy as a summer breeze…..”

  11. Clairdelune says:

    Hee Hee!! Must be a ship’s captain at least, he looks so dignified… I’m looking on my kitteh’s head to see if I see little buds hiding something…
    Love the picture, love those black smudges on mouf powche and chin!

  12. 😆 That dear sweet kitty has the “What are you laughing about?” look on his/her dear sweet face 😆