Autumn’s Whiskers

Autumn is a lion,
Batting leaves across the ground,

Chasing leaves around and around,

Clawing leaves like a rake,

Hissing like the sound leaves make,

Turning, crunching, tumbling at play,

Lion around brown and gray.

Sender-Inners Shelley C. and Smedley, via Daily Mail


  1. This little one is killing me ded. BTW, Zooborns has a fab video of two lion cubs playing.

  2. What is it with kids and piles of leaves?

  3. Sheer joy!

  4. SoCratesX53 says:

    Such teeny tiny fierceness!!

  5. Yep :D

  6. Awwww, may I please have a baby lion to come and play in my leaves???

  7. Attenborough narration:

    “The wild hunter does not cringe or withdraw in the face of an overwhelming enemy…”

  8. anonymous coward says:

    holly cr*p, it’s now my turn to say

    “omg, this is so cute!”

    which i thought i’d never say, but these pictures… :-)

    that photographer is definitely talented, gifted, 42. colour me impressed.

  9. whatthelump says:

    haha, #4 immediately made me think of Radioactive Man–
    “My eyes! The goggles do nothingk!”

  10. Alice Shortcake says:

    These pictures make me insanely happy. Cute animal pics certainly make the Daily Mail slightly less toxic.

  11. That’s probably why they include them, so that all of the subscribers don’t immediately cancel.

  12. SlaveToCat says:

    Looks like the hubby battling the leaves in the yard every year. Eventually he realizes that the solution to ridding the yard of leaves on a freezing day is a large scotch and high winds.

  13. 2nd photo = “my rawr face”. hehe

  14. Jenny Islander says:

    Last photo = “This is the most awesome day EVER.”

  15. I read about that. It’s in Scotland, the cub’s name is Karis and he or she is eleven Weeks old.


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