THIS JUST IN: He Sqweeks When You Tweak His Butt!

This is just hard to believe. (The Big J #FTW.) SPEAKERS UP!

From Leah C.: “Who wouldn’t be charmed by a caterpillar that squeaks when you goose its tiny hiney?”



  1. It’s probably being hurt! This makes me fairly sad.

  2. phred's mom says:

    It/he/she does not sound happy, fersure.

  3. No, he’s being gentle. It’s a defense mechanism.

  4. After two times I’ve seen the trick. Knock it off!

  5. SlaveToCat says:

    I would squeem too if some stranger tried tweaking my butt. Exception for certain Men of CO, then I would just melt.

  6. Me too. Some of the MOCO are ever so dreamy…

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    This is what “WTF” was invented for!

  8. rescue gal says:

    So, Screamapillers are real?

  9. Ha!

  10. Yeah that’s cute.

    Now put him outside and leave him along.

  11. Alone. Leave him alone.

  12. I find the noise almost as funny as the squeaking desert frog! 😆

  13. maryellenc says:

    I yell when you grab my butt too!

  14. it proofs that every creation have a defend sense, and they present it in different ways

  15. Bugs don’t actually feel pain. Never developed in insects…. which I’m pretty sure this is. It could be an alien.

  16. Ha-ha, isn’t funny that a living being is being defensive when you’re being too “touchy”.

  17. (JK, if anyone didn’t see the sarcasm in that)

  18. I see the potential for a new toy!

  19. dolphin815 says:

    It’s the same noise! There must be an explanation for that…

  20. My cats were very interested in the squeeking! It must be along the same wavelength as kitten mews lol!

  21. aw! that is insanely cute. and he looks like he’s wearing a coat.

  22. While watching this I glanced over to see both cats just staring at me. I felt suddenly guilty for some reason.

  23. “Iffen you don’t quit manhandling me, I’m gonna turn around and eat your fingers off, 3 skin cells at a time! It’s gonna take FUR-EVER!”

  24. I am very skeptical of any “They don’t feel pain” remarks, whatever creature they’re about. Unless you can point to proof of otherwise, assume they CAN.

  25. I do believe that’s a caterpillar fart!

  26. yup, that’s right…. knock it off…. and ya unless you know for sure, assume he/she feels pain….