Herb Tarlek, Sales Manager

“Yeee-up, we hotshot professionals need to look our best during those three-martini lunches. That’s why I always wear my fashionably wide polyester ties.”

Lucas is one hip and happening dude, Candi G.



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  2. emmberrann says:

    WKRP in Cincinns… Where???

  3. Nice. As a kid, I was a huge fan of Les Nessman.

  4. Martha in Washington says:

    “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!” One of the funniest episodes on tv, EVER!!

  5. Les is more…

  6. “Oh, the humanity!!” 🙂

  7. I miss WKRP. One of the funniest shows ever!

  8. Killer Klown says:

    Heh. That’s one hep cat.

  9. Was just talking about that episode with the fam as Thanksgiving is next week! I agree, it was one of the funniest evar.

  10. jlamusings says:

    This made my day. Now that darn theme song is in my head… “Baby, if you ever wondered….. wondered whatever happened to meeee….”
    *entertains self with images of the whole cast as cats*

  11. Leave it to our fearless NTMTOM to reference one of our funniest shows! And the clip is great! This just about makes my THX! 🙂

  12. OMG this picture is so funny it really made my day!

  13. Looks more like Karl Lagerfeld to me!

  14. whatthelump says:

    LOL! That image cracked me up, Lucas’ tail even reminds me of Mr. Lagerfeld’s ponytail 😀 He must be gearing up for Spring/Summer 2014…

  15. 😆 I just LOVE this episode 😆 Especially, Howard Hesseman’s line 😆

  16. Same here 😆