From Denmark With Loff: Magnus On The Mend

1454857_10151959753308820_1018940291_nDanish Cuteporter Solveig M. checks in from waaay across the Big Pond: “This is a picture of me with our kitten Magnus. Magnus got a concussion and had to be hospitalized for a night. He’s feeling better now, but too tired to really do anything. He still wants to be part of what we do, so this sling was the solution. My husband Soeren took the photo in our kitchen.”

“Magnus lives in Gesten, South Jytland, Denmark.”

“He’s a proud farm boy, born on Fyn (a big Danish island), beginning of September this year. His full name is Magnus Wolfson Mackerel Greve.

“Wolf because he looks like a wolf and mackerel because his tummy looks like a mackerel, Greve because that is the family name where he came from.”




  1. Sasha's Mum says:

    Imma puddle now. *melt*

  2. Awww,poor kitty.

  3. What a sweet little binker!!!

  4. In college chorus we sang a song called “Rosen fra Fyn,” Roses from Fyn. I’d rather have Magnus than a rose. Hope he is all better soon and being a crazy kitten again. I like your kitten-sling!

  5. Get well soon leetle tabbular Magnus! ❤

  6. I’ve looked at these pics 4x. Where is the sling??

  7. The thumbnail pic at the top 🙂

  8. I clicked Solveig’s link because I wanted to know how a kitten could sustain a concussion, but it’s just her website for her public speaking business… need more details, please! Also photos!

  9. “Magnus was playing around some wooden fold up chairs and they fell on him. I didn’t see it, just heard the crash, and then has a bleeding kitten run into the room I was in.

    It was very scary. No external damages, but a lot if blood from the nose. A lot. And I’m talking serious splattering in three rooms. It was so scary. The vet thought he had swelling and bleeding on the brain and that he was unlikely to pull through. I cried and sobbed the whole day. Magnus is just such an adorable, trusting and cuddly character and has become our baby, I couldn’t face him leaving us so soon.

    But then, luckily, the swelling went down. Kitten skulls are sturdy things and he was able to come back from the animal hospital the next day. A bit dazed, out of balance and very very tired, but on the mend.”

  10. Very photogenic cat. Love the crossed paw pose. 🙂

  11. I need a sling for our cat that always wants to be touching me. No concussion though, just clingy!

  12. Clairdelune says:

    That bright, sweet little whiskered face!! *becoming a melting marshmallow”. Get well soon, Magnus!! (Not quite a Magnus yet, more of a Itty Bitty… :-D)

  13. solveigmalvik says:

    Hi! I’m Solveig, Magnus’ mum.
    Magnus was playing, as kittens do, and managed to topple a pair of wooden folding chairs on top of himself. I wasn’t in the room, but next door, so I didn’t see it, i heard the noise, then saw a little scared kitten run into the room. I then noticed blood, and picked him up. And there was a lot of blood. I panicked completely. Magnus is such a sweet, trusting and cuddly little kitten, and I couldn’t bear the thought of potentially loosing him. There was no external injuries, just a lot if blood from the nose. A lot. Scary amounts. Big blood splatter everywhere, on the floors all over the house.

    I took him to the vet who said he most likely had swelling and bleeding on the brain, that he had to be hospitalised, medicated and that he would either get a lit worse quickly or pull through.

    The rest if the day is all blurred by crying and sobbing and desperation. But luckily, he got better. Kitten skulls are sturdy things and they heal quickly.

    The swelling went down and he was able to get home, a bit dazed, out of balance and very very tired. But getting better.

    The sling is just a kitchen towel. I tied the corners behind my neck and it made a nice cozy pouch for him to rest in.

    Thank you all for you wishes and thoughts. It means a lot to us. Magnus is just the sweetest kitten I’ve met and we love him so much.


  14. My dear little tuna fish (er… a calico-tabby, that is) did this when she was a wee kitten too. Jumped on a wooden pallet, missed, it fell on her, we took her to the emergency clinic… No blood at least, though her third-lids did pull over her eyes a bit. And it was quite amusing watching her plunk her butt down and then wobble where she sat.

    Magnus is quite a handsome little man!

  15. Magnus Wolfson Mackerel Greve.

    That is the name of a fierce warrior!!

  16. Clearly from the North. Winter is coming!

  17. SO glad he’s OK!! I would have been sobbing and desperate, too. Please give him lots of extra-gentle hugs and kisses from his many friends and admirers at CO.

  18. I did this once with our little puppy when she was positively demanding a lap I could not, at the time, give her. I had many things I needed to be doing all over the house. Finally, in desperation, I tied a pashmina into a loop around my neck and behind one shoulder and plopped her into it—on her back like an infant. She promptly fell asleep, but she couldn’t stay asleep because every time I looked down at her, I burst out laughing. She would wake up and gave me major stink-eye. Finally I wore her out, and she slept in her little bed long enough for me to get some stuff done.

  19. solveigmalvik says:

    My tummy still hurts when I think about it. It was just so terrifying! Thank you for your compassion.

  20. solveigmalvik says:

    Oh no! Hope it all went well? I agree though. The third lid thing was just so scary! Magnus was walking around in a circle, didn’t react to us at all and his eyes closing in that eerie way.

  21. solveigmalvik says:

    Winter is coming..,but I have fur!

  22. Thanks yous. 🙂

  23. I’m glad Magnus is ok, but I think that cost one of your nine lives.

  24. My Mads Kittlesen comment got moderated into oblivion. Sniffle.

  25. AWW, I am so glad to hear that your dear sweet kitty, Magnus, is going to be okay, solveigmalvik. I would be so scared as well if anything happened like that to any of our (my brother, his male friend and me) kitties, Badger and Dooley.

  26. I’m happy to report that Magnus is doing well. I can’t believe how fast they grow! He’s growing into a true gentleman – lean and strong.

    Magnus has a facebook page now, please like it!