A Message From Lil’ BUB And Friends

Four Interwebs animal stars are putting their, er, star paw-er behind an important issue – the ending of killing in our nation’s animal shelters- with PSAs on Instagram.

Best Friends Animal Society has teamed up with Lil BUB, Tuna, Nala and Ginny to spread the word about adoption and their mission to Save Them All.

As adopted pets themselves, Lil BUB, Tuna, Nala and Ginny want you to know that U can’t buy a best friend, but you can adopt one.


  1. This is wonderful! Best Friends is a splendid organization. I just adopted a tortoiseshell kitty and agree with all these message. Love wrapped in fur – that is what animals give us!

  2. So perfect. These somehow really capture the essence of the love between a human and its owner.

  3. Great stuff! I love Best Friends–they do such good work.

  4. I love this! I once helped my mother foster a litter of kittens from a local shelter. One of them was mostly blind but had no problem getting around, playing, or doing ANYTHING. He compensated for his blindness so much that you’d never know he was blind. When my mom returned the kittens she told them that he may have eye problems and then thought nothing of it as the shelter workers acted like it was no big deal. This was the SWEETEST kitten we have ever fostered- hands down. He had so much personality and was so loving… my mom thought about adopting him. She went in on her usual volunteer shift however and was initially thrilled when he wasn’t out in the kitten room because she thought he was adopted. She TOLD them she might want him, but would have been thrilled to know that he had another forever home.
    Well. You can guess what actually happened to him :(…. she has since told them she will not foster for quite a few months (at least) because of this. There was absolutely no reason to put that special little guy down. We are LIVID.
    I no longer support this shelter… it is yet to be determined if my mother still supports them or not. She’s having a difficult time deciding.

  5. sabrina rose says:

    How awful that you and your mom had such a sad and unsettling experience. Many smaller shelters haven’t sufficient funds or skilled personnel to handle all the animals that go through their doors. I think what I myself would do in a similar situation is 1) make an appointment with someone in a higher supervisory position at this shelter to discuss your concerns and make written notes; 2) then, visit your local branch of the Humane Society and ask for an appointment to meet with someone in charge and provide a copy of your notes. Usually branches of the H.S. can arrange to help other shelters with intake if those shelters are struggling. People need to speak up and advocate for animals in trouble just as they would for a disabled person.needing assistance.

  6. Just FYI … all Humane Societies across the country are completely independent organizations with no official connections whatsoever. There are no “branches” of a larger entity. The Humane Society of the United States is only a name for an excellent, but self-contained shelter and educational-outreach non-profit. Yes, sometimes cross-agency projects occur (such as sending chihuahuas from California to New York), but there is generally no day-to-day ability for same-area shelters to work as a single unit, like calling another Target store to see if they have an item in stock that is sold out at your local store. Crystal’s local shelter almost certainly does not have an overseeing humane agency, just independent non-profit status, or city or county contractual arrangements to provide animal control services. This is one of the reasons why resources can be stretched too thin. “No-kill” shelters typically don’t accept animals who may be euthanasia candidates; they are shunted to municipal shelters who HAVE to do what’s needed when other options aren’t available.

  7. does anyone know the song that plays in Ginny’s video? Its adorable!

  8. Fabulous post. Been volunteering for Best Friends for almost 8 years and they are amazing. They have a huge presence here in the city where I live, where some of the original founders are from. They have changed the face of animal welfare and have been a huge inspiration to me and so many others. The work they do is truly life saving and I’ve seen firsthand here, and at their sanctuary in Kanab, Utah how every animal (including pigs, parrots, bunnies, wildlife, hamsters etc…..) – no matter their age, disability, temperament etc….are all valued beings. They are a TREMENDOUS organization and so glad to see they’ve teamed up with these amazing well known fur babies to get the message out to adopt and save them all!

  9. Sharon Wilson says:

    I volunteer at Best Friends, and I have met TWO cats with eyes like Nala’s (and they liked to give you the stare-down with them too)!

  10. AWW :D I just LOVE to hear about places like that :D


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