kitty needs his booby sleep, so he’ll be all fresh and fine for the morning.

“This is Boun and he lives here in Laos. Hobbies include ruling the world, melting asleep on his adoring humans, and generally stealing the hearts of anybody who lays eyes on him. He also likes my rack.” By Hannah M.-M.



  1. LOL, Pyrit. We haven’t had a good commentroversy in a while. :mrgreen:

    And Boun is adorbs!

  2. Hahaha… this is so cute and hilarious!

  3. Racking up some nap time.

  4. That’s a nice rack of “cat” .. err .. that didn’t come out right

  5. [ahem] In the landmark case of The Crown versus Bailey-Morgensmyth (KB 1950.1.467) it was ruled that “Cats-n-Racks” could only be applied to instances of cats IN racks. As can clearly be seen in this picture, Boun is OUTSIDE the rack in question, and is indeed UNDERNEATH it.

    M’lud, I aver that this is a case of blatant mis-categorising in the interests of driving additional traffic to the defendant’s website by use of prurient language pertaining to boobage.

    The case of the prosecution rests.


  6. Excusez-moi. All evidence of any and all proper English speaking types reveals that the “-n-” in Cats-n-Racks represents the everyday word, “AND”. Not, “IN”. The Defense rests its case, yer honor.

  7. They make a lovely pair!

  8. Ummm….

  9. Yeah, yeah, nice rack.

    I’m too distracted by that pair of sweet paws. I bet they’re fuzzy and warm. The paws I mean.

  10. SlaveToCat says:

    Got Meelk??

  11. AWW 😀 Dear sweet Boun looks so comfortable in your arms, Hannah M.-M. 😀

  12. Or as they would say in the Navy, some Rack time!

  13. Nice one, TJ.

  14. Love that LONG nose and the white guyliner! Anything else in the photo is a mere distraction.