Picture Purrfect Toesday

Sleppeh kittehs on cozy blankets, warm toebeans snuggled between fuzzy toehawks, all nestled together on a Toesday and you have the setting for toebean heaven.



“This is Lamington showing off some serious toe beanage after getting a brush on the tummy and blissing-out. I am fostering him for the Save A Dog Scheme, a wonderful no-kill shelter in Melbourne, Australia! Lamington is looking for a forever home in the Melbourne area! P.S. For those non-Aussies, a lamington is a little chocolate cake with white coconut on it, which this boy loosely resembles.” -Sarah A.
“My kitteh Finnegan would like to share the floofiness of his toes with the world, please!” -Mary Ellen
“Napping with Captain America’s ‘tocks ‘n beans.” -Julia C. G.



  1. AAAAAHHHH!!!!! Wee black spots on pink paw pads! *thud*

  2. A delectable variety of flavors here. I think I shall have to nom some of each.

  3. Finnegan is very glad you like his toe beans! (He’s the orange kitteh in the middle. He’s my buddy.)

  4. AWW 😀 I would take all three dear sweet kitties if I lived in Melbourne, Australia or was visiting there 😀 (I would like to know if I could adopt a kitty from Australia and take him/her/them to Canada or not.)