Nikki The Bonkers Little Yorkie

There are Yorkies….and then there’s NIKKI.

Nickster was the subject of a Furrtographer shoot over the weekend.

So FT emailed these photos in…

And my eyebrows shot up off my face.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I hafta go look for my eyebrows.




  1. Those eyes, those eyes, the floof, the hair in the wind…I’m powerless to resist!

  2. She looks like a little ‘shocked’ emoticon.

    (Excellent use of the word ‘bonkers’, btw, which I think of as kind of a British thing. Spoken as an entirely bonkers English person.)

  3. I like the wee fang.

  4. utterly, supremely, undisputedly cute.

  5. I want him so bad!!!!!

  6. sabrina rose says:

    Nikki is SO cute and adorable; the line waiting to hug him must be a mile long! But I’m a little worried that one of his canine toofs seems too long; shouldn’t his vet file it down a bit??

  7. I am powerless in the face of such qte. Seriously, that face, that mouf, those eyes!!!

  8. I’m hearing “Humoresque” playing in the background as he romps around.

  9. I have no eyelids. I never blink.