You Say That Like It’s a Bad Thing

Well, I’ll have you know that your security deposit plays an important role in our economy! Cleaning up my messes creates jobs for janitors and hazmat specialists! Replacing the blinds I chew energizes our nation’s vital window-covering manufacturing sector! Oh, but no, you greedy one-percenters want that money back, like it was yours or something!

Via Tumblr.



  1. no getting back deposit, oh well. my humans think I’m sooo worth it.

  2. humminbirdie says:

    [she’s/he’s deploying the patented Supere-Innocent Kitteh Face tm !!!]

  3. Complete with little pink nose. It’s extra effective that way.

  4. Leetle pink noses grant plenary indulgences…

  5. The Original Jane says:

    I’m not so sure kitty chewed up the blinds. Looks more like they were perfectly CUT out for her. Let’s place the blame where it really lies and make a shame sign for the hoomins’

  6. A small point: That damage is not from chewing, it’s from crashing into the slats while jumping onto/off of the sill.

    Don’t ask how I know this.

  7. I’m sure I can guess. 😉 Thanks for the info.

  8. I love the cat “shaming” photos. Their expressions are always so “Yeah? And…?”

  9. Kittie is saying — “I just bent a few slats in the blind so I could sit on the windowsill when I wanted. Why wasn’t it designed this way to begin with?”

    This is why I purchased vertical blinds for my “cat window”. They look good, keep out as much or more light, cost less, and kitties can pass through with ease without damaging the blinds.

  10. Aaah, the uninitiated! My kittehs love to climb vertical blinds and apparently the little stringy things that hold them together at the bottom were specifically designed to provide hours of superb feline entertainment.
    Good luck to you and your new verticles.

  11. Actually, our blinds look like this. They bend the same 3 or 4 edges over and over and over and over. Like a credit card, after it’s been bent out so many times it just snaps…right at the break point at that first row of vertical strings.

  12. The Original Jane says:

    Ah..that makes MUCH more sense. They didn’t look chewed at all!

  13. Proven fact: Cats do not feel shame. They’re only tolerating our antics.

  14. I had a cat that did chew the metal blinds to make a space for her to get to the window sill in an apartment. They looked like crumpled paper, with the odd hole punched in the blinds by those teeth.

    Oddly, though, the apartment returned the entire security deposit when I moved on.

  15. 😆 That is kitties for you 😆

  16. I just leave a space in the bottom of the horizontal blinds in my room so that Dooley can go in and out under them to look out the windows 😀

  17. That’s a clear case of the Broken Window-Blind Fallacy if ever I saw one. (Thank you, that’s for all the economists here on CO, good night!)

  18. My tabby cat did EXACTLY this in the house where hubby was living when he got her. It was a split-foyer, so there was a downstairs window that was just about level with the ground outside, making it, of course, her very most favorite place in the entire house. She immediately snapped off the ends of the blinds in a perfect square that aligned with her head when she was sitting on the sill. We loved seeing her there as we approached the house from the curb. So cute—her little framed kitten face!! It made us laugh every time.

    We just replaced the blinds before we left. A small cheap vinyl blind (as the original was) costs under $10 and installs in 2 minutes.

  19. This is why I have to raise my blinds about 5 inches or so and I have to replace blinds before I move out of my apartment.

  20. Well, it’s good to know it won’t cost too much to replace the blinds when I move out of my apartment. My kitty first chomped the ends of the blinds’ slats and now is starting to snap them off, much like in the photo, with the power of her insistent shoving as she climbs up/under to look out across the porch (and perhaps do a belly dance for the handsome upstairs neighbors).

  21. Love your vocab…

  22. Smartypants says:

    Just a safety tip for others with window-sitting cats – make sure they can’t get caught in the blind cords. My cat got a loop caught under his armpits (not around his neck, thankfully!) and couldn’t get untangled til I helped him out.

  23. I have mini blinds that are bent AND chewed on. Does that make me extra special? Or extra crazy? 🙂 Luckily, I own my home, so no security deposits involved.

  24. I replaced all of the regular mini blinds in my house with faux wood blinds, they can withstand my cats’ assault.