“Who’s Open!?”

Ya wanna play some football?

“Our new puppy Logan is getting ready for the start of the new football season! Logan is a 3 month old bulldog and loves anything that squeaks.” -Amy Rose A.



  1. Love his white puffy muzzle and expression! He looks like a playful pup who is rarin’ to go!

  2. And the mouf! It’s like he has applied black lipcolor just to the center of the mouf, for effect!

  3. Boston terrier sharpei linebacker?

  4. Um, can he play for the Patriots please? They could use the help. 😦 Augh.

    Now I shall ease my pain by nomming on those adorable ears.

  5. EEK! rhymes with SQUEAK! Cute puppeh!

  6. now that THEY uh iz sum CUTE PUPPEH