Hodge-Podge o’ Pudge

These puppehzzz will fetch your slipperezzz but just five more minutes pleeeazzzzz…




Via The Bark Post



  1. And now it’s time to say good night, good night, good night.
    Close your eyes and I’ll snorgle you… nom, nom, nom, nom.

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh, the leetle pudjay beagle tummeh!! Must…have…theese…puppeh!!
    Ouch! *grabby hands hit monitor*

  3. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Wanna touch that tongue (and watch it retract)

  4. CO now stands for chubbularity overload! 😀 I want to snorgle all of those leetle chubbular puppehs.

  5. where’s the duct tape? I need to wrap my head before it esplodes … (makes it easier to get all the pieces) … HOLY MOLEY !!! Does anyone else see the belly button on the beagle??!!! *passes out*

  6. Beagles .. God’s answer to “Who can I pet and rub today for love and licks in return.”
    (Beagle owner here..hehe)

  7. As someone who grew up with a beagle, I can say: there’s NO love like beagle love. 😎

  8. I dunno…there’s a lot of lovin’ in dachshunds AND beagles…and all the chubbular little snorgalable little puppies in the pictures *SPLODE*

  9. I can’t think oft anything as appealing as a puppy-belly…