THIS JUST IN: Something’s Bugging Hana N Maru

There’s a bug on the other side of the screen door. Hana and His Serene Royal Exalted Thickness are QUITE interested.



  1. rescue gal says:

    Fav frame- Hanna and Maru on hind legs!

  2. Lookit the size of Maru’s tail compared to Miss Hana’s! I mean, we knew it was thick, but still…

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    At about :45 I thought for a second that His Portliness was about to jump!! Yikes!!

  4. SlaveToCat says:

    Come on kid. We gotta get rid of the bugs asap before the hoomans get home. Cuz you know how freaky they get when there is any dirt in this house.

  5. Clairdelune says:

    Mine too! I especially love to see Maru standing up in his white boots.

  6. Clairdelune says:

    It’s funny to see how hyper Hana is, while Maru takes the slow, careful approach to bug chasing.

  7. I never realized how thick Maru really is until Hana came. My fav frame is also both of them on hind legs – you can really see Maru’s beautiful markings.

  8. Videographers take note! One of the most enjoyable things about mugumogu’s videos is how unobtrusive they are. There’s never annoying soundtrack music. No chasing, jostling, zooming. No prodding, breathing, giggling, babytalk. Virtually no interaction at all from the creator (except for obligatory toy wrangling). She just turns on the camera and quietly allows us to enjoy the things that make her videos such a treasure. ❤

  9. I noticed that, too. Maru shows his age, I think.

  10. YES, exactly! We see the subject, NOT the camera seeing the subject. A VERY good lesson for anyone filming their pet. (Did I just say “filming?” Boy do I feel old!)

  11. It’s at about :46 if anyone at CO is feeling like indulgin’ us in a fave frame. (Hint hint.)

  12. BAD GOGGIES!!!


  14. Here, here! Or no hear. I must agree. Less IS more!

  15. maru: sorry. did i step on you, hana dear?
    hana: step…blorb, what’s the diff?

  16. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Look at the size of Maru’s everything. I can’t actually tell if Hana’s tiny or not because the only point of comparison is The Round.

  17. Msdove-thejrtlady says:

    Is it bad that all I can think about is that our little Hana is growing up too fast, sniff? Wasn’t she just a wee Lass last week instead of of a beautiful fast growing young lady?

  18. I love Hana’s bold fashion sense. That mixing of dots and stripes is very on-trend.

    And, as always, I want to squeeeeeze Maru’s big thick tail in the worst way.

  19. I think Maru has always been, shall we say, ‘deliberate’ in his movement.

  20. you forgot the word “royal” before “thickness”….

  21. you’re right. and I added a bit more.

  22. The concept that a screen door area more than a month old and where animals live could be pristine…I want to live in that world. Oh, and the cats are cute, too. 😉

  23. I still don’t know if I was the first to refer to Maru as “His Thickness” or if I unconsciously copied someone else. Someone please tell me whether I should feel flattered. Because, really, I’ll take it wherever I can get it. 😉

  24. Good point. Heck, my screen door now features a cat door, created by the cat himself. (Sigh. This is why we can’t have nice things.)

  25. What do you mean more than a month old, you like in paradise. Ours didn’t last two days before having holes put in by my cats.

  26. Hana is growing so fast!! Maru is so methodical…swish, swish, swish with the tail.
    I totally agree, these videos are the best.

  27. oaklandcat says:

    Hana’s tail is soooo long!

  28. The screens in our (my brother, his male friend and me) downstairs windows of the suite in our house have holes in them due to Dooley and Badger trying to claw at the stray cats.

  29. I second that, Blue Footed Booby 😀

  30. Absolutely, that would make a lovely photo. The two of them standing up at the door/window…