Major Side-Eye There, Griffyn

Besides the Cone O’ Shame, The Griffster seems to be a bit on the bundled side, eh? ‘Splain, Kelli A.

“Our little mutt Griffyn was recently fixed and after days of hearing his cone hit the walls and floors, I was tired of the noise and needed to do something about it. My friend just had a baby so I’ve seen them swaddle her countless times, so I thought maybe the same would work here. It did, long enough to snap his picture! And then he broke free..went on his merry way BUMP THUMP.”




  1. MusicFan87 says:

    Cocoon of Cuteness!

  2. At work, we carry ‘recovery’ collars (don’t wanna put a link, but they are soft and, most importantly, silent).

    See if your vet will order one. Any vet suppliers worth a flip gets their orders out overnight, doesn’t charge shipping, and maybe when your vet sees how awesome they are, they’ll become converts clinic-wide. None of that shin banging, foot scraping, can’t-get-through-the-door, and none of that infernal thumping! 😀

  3. I didn’t mind the hard cone when my baby-dog had an owie. Mostly because, for some reason, she didn’t like me smearing the medicated cream on it (despite the fact that I was always gentle) and whenever she doesn’t want me getting to her (like at bath time) she likes to duck under my futon and it’s low to the ground and hard to get her out from under. With the hard cone on she tried to make a dash under the futon only to get stopped cold. I kinda wish I’d taken video since it was so funny — she just kept pushing against the futon with her cone, completely bewildered as to why she couldn’t get under it.

  4. It might not work as well for dogs as for cats, but when my cat had surgery and they coned her, I just took a rectangle of soft fabric, cut 4 holes in it for her legs, made her step into it, and wrapped it up around her and safety-pinned it on top. She couldn’t access her stitches but could still go to the bathroom and move around like (almost) normal. Plus, it was adorable, she had pajamas! Worth a shot!!

  5. Victoria, Mom to 3 Rats says:

    Unfortunately, the “pajamas” suggestion wouldn’t work for Griffyn because of the location of a neuter incision. Thankfully for Griff’s human, he should heal up pretty quick and the infernal thumping will stop.

  6. Thanks all!! Griffyn is now cone-free and back to his normal, crazy, bouncing off the walls self! We actually tried a few different cones (including the inflatable ones) but without the supersized one he had on in this picture he was able to contort himself in some crazy positions to reach his incision. He’s quite resilient when he wants to be! 🙂

  7. Griffy is so cute!!

  8. We did try putting his Halloween costume on him to cover the spot, but he figured out how to get out of that in no time. I might have to keep this suggestion handy for the next time he needs a costume though!!! Great idea! 🙂