White Down Under Roos

We’ll be brief. We’ve never seen a white roo hopping around with a leaf in its mouf before…

Crikey, we’ve never even seen a white roo! Have you?

This is Nala, the albino kangaroo joey at Germany’s Duisburg Zoo. Thanks to sender-inner Jennifer C., via Spiegel.


  1. She’s awfully cute!

  2. So beautiful!

  3. SlaveToCat says:

    The way Nala is holding her paw I would say she is hinting that she wants a Prada or Hermes hand bag for Christmas. I would buy her one but KittyBank just told me no.

  4. emmberrann says:

    Please note that Pic #1 is a view of the extremely rare white hoveroo.

  5. Nature is a wonder.

  6. I want to put sunglasses over those sensitive eyes.

    I’ve been reading too much Zelanzy.

  7. I’m disappointed CO! You’re usually so good at species. That is no Kangaroo. It’s a Wallaby. Equally cute but much smaller and rounder, not long and lean like its Kangaroo cousins.

  8. I thought Wallaby too, much shorter slimmer tail, smaller ears. Very cute.

  9. There’s an albino kangaroo living free near Canberra. The rangers think it is about 2 years old: http://www.smh.com.au/environment/animals/rare-albino-kangaroos-incredible-tale-of-survival-in-the-australian-outback-20131115-2xlao.html

  10. Our neighbourhood city park here in Hull has white wallabies.

  11. You’re so lucky! I’m impressed when I see a common skwirl in my neighborhood park. :)

  12. Oh, the cute fuzziness!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Smartypants says:

    And the white eyelashes, esp. in Pic. 2!

  14. If nobody will, I’ll cover the indispensable minor nitpicking–the jolly joey action is at Germany’s Duisburg Zoo. Burg = castle; Berg = mountain. No such thing around there, just the occasional knoll, hillock, or hump. Legend has it that Duisburg once meant castle on the knoll, but linguists aren’t quite sure.

    – end of public service announcement, scheduled cuteness may now proceed –

  15. Aww, this reminded me of the albino walabee my parents used to have. his name was Gerald McBoingBoing.


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