It’s Friday It’s Friday It’s Friday


“This video was taken by my wife Jenna at her work site near a mine in Arizona. It’s a juvenile whitetail deer still with its mom seen in the video. It prances so funny and has a good time sprinting circles around Mom and playing on the hillside.” -Cory R.

[We’d like to say this video was from BOING BOING but it isn’t. -Ed]



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  2. My heart needed that!

  3. Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy !!

  4. This is called “stotting” — when a hoofed animal leaps from all four feet at once. It’s thought that this is, believe it or not, a maneuver to deter predators by showing, “See? I’m so fast I can even do this dumb move. No use to chase me!”

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    Now this is how to celebrate Friday.

  6. If you sproing, it’s Cute.

  7. sabrina rose says:

    This little one is quite the blithe spirit. Oh, to be young again!

  8. This reminds me of my cat at 3am

  9. That’ll be a mule deer, not a whitetail. : ) This is typical mule deer behaviour (bouncing in circles). Really high bouncing as seen in this video is called ‘pronking’, and it’s considered a form of interspecific (cross-species) communication which says to predators “I see you! And I’m fit! Wheeee!”.

    Interesting fact! In the few regions of overlap between whitetails (O. virginianus) and mulies (O. hemionus), there’s a really fascinating post-zygotic (post-fertilization) mechanism for preventing hybridization between the two species. Essentially, mule deer bounce in circles and shows off to deter predators, while whitetails throw up their tails and sprint. Their offspring do neither successfully, and are thus eaten!

  10. Never ceases to amaze and wonder. [sproinks away in joy]

  11. Boing boing? More like ‘sproing sproing!’

  12. sleekityin says:

    In Scotland, it’s also slang for someone who’s had a wee sherry (or five) and is making their wavy way down the street. (For predators, substitute lampposts, police officers etc.) Cute deer – he’s spronkalicious.

  13. Is he by any chance part baby goat? I particularly like how the other deer is looking at him confused like “Calm down, Francis.”

  14. Sproingity, sproingity, sproingity! 🙂

  15. Janet in NYC says:

    This mule deer is really enjoying her/himself! I am intrigued by the birdsong in the background too

  16. Poetry in motion!

  17. Jenny Islander says:

    So basically he’s going “Nanny Nanny Boo Boo” at the photographer?

  18. Oh shite! Just saw you beat me to it! My apologies. Didn’t mean to repost. Well, now we have both names (stott, pronk) for the thing up.

  19. This there such a thing as “Deer Nip” ?