Friday Haiku: Your Turn 2.0

Time for you to write
Your own Haiku for this pic
We’ll post fave at noon


Sitting in a tub
I am a lonely panda
Pants! I need some pants!
-Sparky Malarky

‘Member when we did this before? Have at it in Comments! Photo via Fantastic Cat Adventures Tumblr.


  1. Yes, finally. I love writing them but they’re hard. Is it 7 syllables, 14 syllables, 7 syllables? I forgot.

  2. 5

  3. Ok

  4. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The easy way to remember:
    Haikus are easy
    but sometimes they don’t make sense

  5. Lol, that’s a funny way.

  6. Skeletal Dropkick says:

    And so I sit here
    Thinking about my bucket
    How did it shrink so?

  7. Panda belly is round
    A bucket is fun but small
    My fun is now found

  8. i learned from walrus:
    they be takin’ his bukkit.
    won’t happen to me.

  9. HAWR!

  10. Think I’ll have a bath
    It’s tight, but I’m sure I’ll fit–
    Ooops! I borked the tub.

  11. Get my bear bottom
    Posted on Cute Overload
    Off my bucket list

  12. Gah, Oak! I swear I didn’t read your haiku and steal your “bear bottom” line for my own! I read yours after I posted mine. Too funny! X)

  13. I’m just jealous of your “ex-panda wee bit” line. Genius!

  14. Without a mirror,
    How to determine one’s shape?
    Must eat less bamboo.

  15. Uh oh tub too small
    I need a bigger bucket
    Where is that walrus?

  16. Shannon Jones says:

    Did Confucius say
    In order to wash belly
    Be one with the tub?

  17. Pandamonium
    For our Ganges cruise, we will
    Need a bigger boat

  18. My bukkit is huge
    My butt is tiny and cute
    Dis not my bukkit

  19. waiting for lolrus
    taking last bath in bukkit
    sold it on craigslist

  20. Sparky Malarky says:

    Sitting in a tub
    I am a lonely panda
    Pants! I need some pants!

  21. my belly is large
    my new bucket is broken
    belly trumps bucket

  22. This tub is too small
    Where did all the water go?
    Stop taking pictures

  23. I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again: most of the so-called “Friday Haiku” are, in fact, senyru!

  24. What is senyru??

  25. Wait, my characters got mucked up. They won’t copy properly. Weird.

    OK, go to and type senryu into the search box at the top right. That will redirect you to the correct page.

  26. Picky, picky..

  27. A bucket to soak
    and bathe in dreams forgotten
    My tub of ennui

  28. Like

  29. And what is this?
    A round hole in my tummy
    What a surprise!

    I don’t even know if pandas have belly buttons, but the photo looked to me like he had just noticed his for the first time. :-)

  30. Of course pandas have belly buttons.. All mammals would. :)

  31. Scratch the first on–

    And what is this?
    Is that a belly button?
    What a nice surprise

  32. Why can’t a bath tub
    ex-panda wee bit to fit
    my big bear bottom?

  33. Love them all and Gail’s Ganges cruise haiku is a stitch…but so far, I do believe that Chris’s 2nd belly button submission absolutely nails it. Priceless!

  34. What is this I say
    Wonderful wet tub o’ mine
    A fun place to play!

  35. Trying to fit in
    I can’t seem to get it work
    I’ll go and get mom

  36. Dawn Mattison says:

    Too big for this tub
    It’s time for a bigger one
    Maybe for Christmas?

  37. Bryn Kildow says:

    “You play with bamboo!”
    They said. I prefer bucket.
    Screw the dang lolrus.

  38. now it’s my bucket
    i stole it from the walrus
    and painted it black

  39. Ma belleh is wet.
    Why is the rim poking me?
    It’s time for a snack.

  40. Five days to get in,
    water cold as hell and I’m
    sitting on the soap

  41. Lonely big panda
    Chilling on a tiny tub
    All day long today

  42. Where has my soap gone?
    It shot out of my slick paws.
    I wasn’t done yet!

  43. My bucket has shrunk
    How could this have happened
    It fit fine last week

  44. winter’s coming soon
    and I still have so much more
    bamboo to consume

  45. autumn wind —
    the caged panda
    avoids the cement

    (because really, haiku shouldn’t be padded up to 13 syllables, but that’s a discussion for another day.)

  46. Scrubbin’ my belleh.
    Gotta get me nice and clean.
    Where’s meh rubber duck?

  47. Y’all are killing me! These poems are hilarious.

  48. black and white and brown
    there’s no food in this bucket
    black and white and sad

    (used cuteoverload sample format of 5-7-5)

  49. black and white and brown
    there’s no food in this bucket
    black and white and sad

    (used cuteoverload sample format of 5-7-5)

  50. Looking at my toes
    Life can be complicated…
    Sitting in a tub

  51. Leslie McCray says:

    They told me to wash
    As far as possible, but
    That’s not very far

  52. Oh dear! What a tub
    To sit in and think about
    Bearing one’s essence..

  53. Valerie Bungart says:

    Oh belly button
    Why are you hidden from me
    No worries Let’s eat

  54. Yep, my pot gave way
    Don’t make ’em like they used to
    Still a cute flower!

  55. Sitting in my tub
    Who wants to give me a rub?
    I can barely move!

  56. Or should I say “bear-ly” move?!

  57. Michele D. says:

    Bathtub so tiny
    Silly Panda so hefty
    Smiles sure to follow

  58. Snug in my bucket
    Feeling like king of the world
    My life is the best

  59. sad panda is sad
    as he tries to be maru
    and crushes his tub

  60. humminbirdie says:

    Navel gazing bear
    Perpetual bafflement
    Not embarrassing

  61. Sad and lonely bear
    How do I get a girlfriend?
    Must improve hygiene

  62. humminbirdie says:


  63. I think I see it
    The candy that ran away
    from my hungry maw

  64. Sweet waving bamboo
    Lazy in breeze like panda
    Went straight to my thighs :(

  65. I admits
    If it fits
    I sits

  66. Where’s your bucket now?
    Making a place for my ‘tocks.
    Sorry, poor walrus.

  67. Time flies very fast
    Baby panda yesterday
    Bucket is now small

  68. Soaking in the tub
    I think of eating bamboo
    and scrub my belly

  69. I hadz a buckit
    I sat down in it *kerplop*
    Squishity squashed it

  70. That one totally tickles me. Thanks! :)

  71. karynmurphy67 says:

    Oop! Lost it again!
    Wher’d my belly button go?
    Swear it was just here.

  72. Beware holidays
    Too much good food, panda laments
    This tub fit last spring

  73. Oh, Emo Panda
    Go and cry in your bucket
    Life is a black void

  74. LOLrus! Yo! LOLrus!
    Check this out, pinniped foo’!
    I squished yo bukkit!

  75. Smartypants says:

    “Pinniped foo'” for the win!

  76. Attempting to bathe
    One size fits all? So untrue!
    Where’s Mr. Bubble?

  77. I’ve seen the bright get duller.
    Not gonna spend
    My life as a color.


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