Duck Face Season

Yeah, I heard it’s going around.

“This is my cat Bobby. When I was trying to take photos of her she made duck face…I don’t even know where did she learn that!” -Azime İ.



  1. Waww, a cat with bright color I love this

  2. Bobby looks a little quacked up

  3. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Never heard of “duck face” before. Glad to know it exists.

  4. SlaveToCat says:

    Hey Bobby, have you seen Tweety Bird flitting around here?

  5. Crickey! It’s the ferocious Duck-billed Flatty Puss!

  6. My cats do that when they are about to sneeze. This pretty girl is adorable!

  7. Sasha's Mum says:

    We call it “schmoopie face.” I believe that’s the technical term.

  8. Blue Steel……………….

  9. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    It certainly 8sounds* technical.

  10. Somebody’s been watching Miley Cyrus too much….hehehe.she started the duck face

  11. That also means “about to sneeze” Chez Noir.

  12. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    That looks like a justabouttoyawn face

  13. or maybe shes eating something that she doesn’t want mom to see?

    like when I would sneak in chocolate before dinner

  14. Yes! Just looking at the picture made me yawn cause I knew what was coming!

  15. AWW 😀 Your dear sweet kitty, Bobby, is such a pretty girl, Azime İ 😀

  16. Thank you 😀

  17. Yeah, she was about to sneeze but she sneezes so funny, it’s like she doesn’t want to do that. She keeps her mouth closed then let it. Thanks! 🙂