What’s The Wool Coming To?

Even the sheep are breakin’ the laws of cuteability! We urge all peeps to take extreme precautions to protect themselves!

“Valais Blacknose sheep.” -Susan M. via The Fab Web



  1. Look at those twisty horns. I’ve never seen a ram like that.

  2. His jammies are too big.

  3. Come her, little guy–I want to make a sweater from your luscious wool!

  4. HeathenDin says:

    Aha, so that’s where my winter blanket has gone!

  5. Frizzy Gillespie was known for his distinctive horn style.

  6. He kind of looks like that sheepdog (sans horns) who was always guarding the flock from Wile E Coyote in those Warner Bros cartoon.

  7. OMG the pants!

  8. My god, people. The tocks on this guy!

  9. Somewhere, somewhen, I read that there are basically two kinds of sheep dogs, herders and guarders. The herders tend to look like dogs (think collies and shepherds of various nationalities) and to intimidate the sheep into going where they’re supposed to be. The guarders tend to look like sheep (Great Pyrenese, English Sheepdog) and to live among their charges.

    Ever since, I have had a persistent vision of a guarding-sheepdog popping up out of the herd, tapping the wolf on the shoulder and saying, “Err, excuse me, Mr. Wolf. These are my friends. I would advise leaving now…”

  10. He looks like something out of Star Wars!

    (Psst to Brinke and Pyrit and Nom Tom and anyone who checks your submissions…when you find the hedgie with the teddy bear, post it, quick!!)

  11. You’ve misidentified this creature. It is clearly a Woolly Yeti, come down from the mountains to bless us with his warmth.

  12. Funny, that… the first thing I thought of when I saw the creature was the yetis from WoW. And then when AuntieBellum mentioned SW… yep, this here is a young tauntaun! http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20070113183424/starwars/images/e/e0/Luketauntaun.jpg

  13. Looks exactly like the Wampug!

  14. Is it just me or does it look like the sheepdog from the old Looney Tunes cartoons?

  15. Naw. That’s a Bantha!

  16. First thing that came to mind was Wampug! Or the original Star Wars version!

  17. Yes, bantha is what I think I was thinking of!

  18. You can’t tell me that’s not a stuffed animal.

  19. It’s a Onesie.

  20. Oh yes.

  21. Athena's Mom says:

    Sugitomo: I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING! hahahaha. Where’s the punch clock??

  22. now those are some horns, and a pretty sheep too, his wool looks really soft to. he isnt half mountian sheep (big horn sheep) is he?lol

  23. I agree with the Star Wars universe but it’s clearly a Bantha:

    Or maybe something from the Henson studio.

    Bonus, check out this bantha pug!!