What’s the Nut Harvest Like This Year?

Let’s check in with our favorite nutologist, Cheeky McStufferkins in Acornucopia, USA, shall we?

“We saw this squirrel when we were walking my dog through the woods. For five minutes she just stared at my dog then after a few photos I said thank you and she ran off like she knew her photo was being taken and I was done!! One smart squirrel right there!!” -Kate S. (How could you tell she’s a sh-… oh nvrmnd. I would not have noticed that. Great photo by the way!)


  1. Mary (the first) says:

    Adorable! (And how *do* you know it’s a she? Does the chubby tum indicate she’s preggers? Or is something not showing that otherwise would be in this photo, if a boy? Clearly, my squirrel anatomy lessons were not complete.)

  2. carrying someone else’s nuts around. obvy.

  3. I’m thinking I see a nipp there?…

  4. Boy animals have nipps, too. Just like boy humans.

  5. Buttons on the vest, as Gramps always said.

  6. I don’t know about you all, but I’m feeling a might squirrely at the moment ..
    Does that mean I’m nuts ?

  7. seems like the snow has him doing triple time..lol

  8. Fabulous!

  9. Very efficient!


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