We’re Halfway Through Nosevember

And to mark this occasion: we present MONTGOMERY! That is one magnificent schnoozle. Or schnozzle.

“I have been a huge fan for almost seven years now! Talk about time flying by. My fiance and I rescued our basset hound, Montgomery, back in January. He heard y’all were celebrating Nosevember and thought he could contribute. My fiancee snapped this photo while Montgomery was watching him eat lunch.” -Angie M.



  1. sabrina rose says:

    What a beautiful hound – those soulful eyes!! I think his schnozz is quite elegant! Bassets are fantastic trackers. Is Montgomery a fan of the British “Fred Basset” comic strip?

  2. IfI could like this ten times I would! Look at the soul in those eyes!

  3. question: is the elastic hair tie for montgomery’s ears for when he is FINALLY asked to share the lunch…hmmmm???

  4. Any second now … yup .. any second the drool will start ..
    Well .. at least my beagle would in that same position

  5. He is sooo stinkin CUTE!!!!

  6. Now THAT, my friends, is a NOSE.

  7. And since we already have Tocktober and Nosevember here at CO, I nominate him as a prime candidate for FebruEARy . . . 😎

  8. I (h)ear that !

  9. Well put, Juno, well put. 🙂

  10. All in favour say “EAR!” 8-D

  11. Watching a human eat lunch? That explains the soulful eyes. “I starve, I wither away!”

  12. EAR! EAR!

  13. Montgomery has a very luxurious muzzle pouch too. I would like to kiss it.

  14. I just tried to ‘splain Tocktober and Nosevember to my husband. It was cute the way he pretended like he understood.