THIS JUST IN: Operation: Chihuahua Airlift

Furrtographer Josh Norem kindly provided us with these hi-res shots of Chihuahuas boarding Virgin America at SFO for a flight to Newark Liberty International Airport and new homes back east. (Click the thumbnail for a quick report from Fox News.) Since 2010, VA’s partnered with San Francisco Animal Care and Control for these fun and furry flights o’ fancy.

Click :50 into this next video- doesn’t seem to be sound with it.

Boo served as the MC for the event.

The other little guys were, um, quite interested in the Virgin SpokesPup.

Yes, quite interested.

There are a lot of Chihuahua’s that need homes in the Bay Area–too many, in fact.

According to HuffPo, “When Virgin America launched Operation Chihuahua, the tiny canines made up one-third of shelter dogs and were showing up in droves of up to eight a day.”

So the little knuckleheads get the VIP treatment on VA.






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  1. I will put in my order for the chocolate puppeh in the first picture below the Boo set, TYVM.

    As for dogs in stockings – cute, but only if the dog is agreed upon in advance. Surprise pets are not a good idea.

  2. Before I rescued my first chihuahua I thought, “Who the heck wants one of those??? They’re nothing but little ankle biters and yappers.” However, I rescued one purely out of pity (3.5 pounds and she’d been used as a breeding dog in a puppeh m*ll, so I figured she deserved a good home). Three chihuahuas later I think, “Everyone should have one of these guys. They are cuddly little snugglebutts and they have soooo much love to give!!!”

    Yay for Virgin America!!! 🙂

  3. restores my faith in humans – almost

  4. I had the exact same experience! Only I got my first Chi FROM a puppy m*ll before I knew what they were. 😦

    Why Chihuahuas Rock:

    1. They are so loyal.
    2. They sleep under the covers!
    3. They live a long, long time.
    4. They make badass gangs.

    P.S. After I saw a Rat Terrier + Chihuahua mix, I knew I had to have one. About 20 years later, I finally saw a rescue and Bunny is even better than anything!

  5. *waves hand*

    There are a lot of apartment dwellers in Chicago too…

  6. Sharpy—Did he look like this? My nephew, BOB! Definitely a burrower, and quite the snuggler. And very, very handsome. We call him a chihuahua-terrorist mix…

  7. To see this is just so wonderful – i think in todays life people are starting to realize just how important these loving 4 legged friends are and how much they bring to their human mommies and daddies – keep up the wonderful work you all are truly wonderful people. – Darla

  8. AWW 😀 I am so glad that you have been able to give four Chihuahuas over the years a loving forever home, Dog Lover 😀

  9. AWW 😀 I am so glad that you are able to give Bunny the Chihuahua a loving forever home, Sharpy 😀

  10. This is wonderful. I adopted my probably-mostly-Chihuahua Sharky (named for his huge underbite) from Bide-A-Wee shelter in Manhattan 3 years ago now. He was a stray rescued by a shelter in Oakland and flown to NY in this same sort of program.

    He could not be a sweeter, more person-oriented dog, nor could he be a better companion.

  11. EEEp! No! Bunstable Jones is very ladylike and demure!

  12. Me tew! She is completely adored and smothered with love.

  13. I wish my flights back east would have such great flight companions!! I’d pay extra for to sit in the Chihuahua section!

  14. Pssst…. you can see her glamor shot on our Facebook page!


  16. If you go IN a Christmas stocking you will be in trouble. If you go INTO a Christmas stocking, I hope you will be loved.

  17. Me too, Me too…did I say me too?

    Hope you had a great flight lil angels, and Bone Voyage! (sorry)

  18. Okay, how ’bout we make you want two? They are even more delightful in pairs! 🙂

  19. He looks so worried!

  20. That artist’s rendition is pure awesomeness. Oh, how I wish every flight I ever took—or will ever take—were loaded with Chihuahuas or other pupsters. I would give up every inch of legroom (I can curl up on the seat!) and even the in-cabin drink service for this kind of flight.

  21. EY CHIHUAHUA !! That’s a lotta pup(s) !

  22. That poor little guy with the bags under his eyes looks so worried. I’d have volunteered to chaperone on this flight.

  23. Chihuahuas are simply the best – I’ve been a guardian to two – so loving and loyal and such amazing lap stealers. When I was very sick last year and in bed for months, my current chi was glued to my side the entire time. This is a great program – there are several like this on the west coast – bringing these tiny angels from west coast shelters where they are the second most euthanized dogs in shelters (after the amazing pitbulls) to the east where there aren’t enough chis to meet the demand for them. It’s a win-win all the way around. Yay Virgin Airlines!! (and boo to Southwest for just kicking off a blind man and his service dog yesterday). Animals deserve our all!

  24. Don’t forget .. they make one heck of a good taco, and they are great at catching large lizards named Godizilla (But he still needs a bigger box)

  25. wtxmoonlite says:

    I called my toy Rat Terrier, Baby, a brat terrier! That is exactly what she was! So spoiled. She passed 4 years ago and I still get teary when I think about her.

  26. Brat Terrier is right! My 18-year-old just came back from a visit to the rabbit poop buffet. He barfed on the brand new dog bed, sat down and barked at me, demanding his dinner.

  27. I would like the 3rd one from the bottom, please. He reminds me of my Pablo. One of these days I will have another one but I have to put my house back together first and that won’t happen until at least January or February.

  28. I got my chihuahua mix at that shelter!

  29. It doesn’t say who to contact to adopt the dogs in the article about Chihuahuas boarding the plane from SF Shelter to head to NY to find homes? Please post

  30. There were only 9 pupdogs, so they probably found homes pretty fast!

    How about one of these guys?