Dobby Welcomes You

Come in, come in! So long Dobby has wanted to meet you.

Can Dobby get you anything? Cup of tea? Butterbeer? Mint humbugs? Fizzing Whizbee?

“Here are some photos of my miniature dachshund, Dobby…named after the house elf from Harry Potter.” -Mary R.


  1. Mary (the first) says:

    Dobby can get me a soft little tiny warm kissy on the cheek. That would make me very happy.

  2. Spookie .. the first picture looks like a lot like HP’s “Dobby’s” face

  3. Yes! Looks like Dobby is tranforming back to himself after using the polyjuice potion to become a dog! Great name for this cutie!

  4. Except that Polyjuice Potion isn’t supposed to be used for animal transformations–at least not by humans. The rules are often different for house elves.

  5. Yep, remember that, and the disastrous results for Hermione, but was thinking maybe, being non-human, Dobby’d be exempt? I loved Dobby!

  6. Okay, then he’s transmogrifying back to himself after being a dog.

  7. WANT!!

  8. I love Dobby’s perfectly round head :)

  9. Ah, yes. My fave as well. Le sigh.

  10. “I am the latest version of aDobby. I’m ready to download on your laptop.”

  11. Is there a Mac version?

  12. humminbirdie says:

    such soulful eyes on such a little pup! (oh, and the wrinkles!!!)

  13. Smallthunder says:

    A perfect name for this pup.
    Betcha he likes scks, too.

  14. Smallthunder says:

    That was supposed to be SOCKS!

  15. Oh my, the eyes….

  16. I would be powerless against those eyes and do their bidding. :D

  17. There are never enough dachshund postings. Thanks, I needed that.

  18. Uh-oh, does he punish himself?

  19. Dobby the House Weenie!

  20. Those ears are just so perfect for the name.

  21. he is just so cute and it shows how much he is loved and a true member of your family – darla

  22. in pic #2 dobby is ’bout 50 puhcent bark.

  23. Dobby, I will take that glass o’ punkin juice and a shopping bag for when I shneak you out!

  24. Ahhhhhhhhhh *head-splody sounds* aaaaahhhhhhhhh… that is all…

  25. Sharon Wilson says:

    The Best Friends Salt Lake adoption center had a Chihuahua named Dobby! Prolly shoulda been called Winky, though, on account of she was a girl…

  26. Ah!!! Thank you so much for posting this photo of my puppy!!!

    Thanks for all the love everyone : )

    We have an instagram account: dobbytheween if you want to see more photos of Dobby


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