Chick This Out!

[So I wuz sittin’ here in ma kitteh bed havin’ a snooze. Then this thing landed on my head. And I can’t get it offs. I can haz headache?]

Via Cuteporter Jack B.



  1. She seems okay with it!

  2. Look up long-suffering in a dictionary and you will see a picture of that cat’s face.

  3. Kitteh’s eyes are the most amazing minty green (at least on my monitor)!

  4. 4leafclover says:

    It’s so stimulating being your hat.

  5. I hear major purring. 🙂

  6. Definition: Bird Brain

  7. While birds are flock animals and should not be raised or kept without companions of the same species, this chick looks happy enough with her new nest. I wonder when she’ll realize her “nest” may not be so happy about it 😛

  8. Cutest ear warmer ever! 😀

  9. Once A Fish says:


  10. If you check out the rest of the person’s videos you will see that apparently they raise chickens of all types…. and the kitty is remarkably patient with all of them! I suppose kitty must be used to the little cluckers by now. Either way, the chick inthis particular video is certainly not alone…

  11. P.S., seriously, go to this person’s channel. There’s too much cat and chick cuteness! Gah! I’m going into sweetness overload!

  12. Is this hat too much?

  13. SlaveToCat says:

    Must be going to a garden party at Buckingham Palace with such a lovely Fascinator as that.

  14. Suneetra Karam Singh says:

    That is THE MOST unimpressed cat EVER.

  15. Thanks for the clarification! 🙂

  16. Chick says, “Does this cat make my butt look fat?”

  17. 😉

  18. This kitteh reminds me of The Duck Man from the Discworld Series. “What chick?”

  19. Stoicism.

  20. Indy's Mom says:


  21. Sharon Wilson says:

    Trying to hatch the head…Hmm, not working!

  22. Major points for the Labyrinth reference! 🙂

  23. The Original Jane says:

    I name it Andes Mint green. 🙂

  24. Tomorrow that cat will have a No Fat Chicks bumper sticker on his litterbox or bed.

  25. Discworld ref! You win!

  26. 😆 That chick must find his/her feet to be nice and warm sitting on that dear sweet kitty’s head like that 😆

  27. Today, however, the cat has chicks on his mind.

  28. That cat is now cursed 😛

    AND it'll have weird short arms.