Chick This Out!

[So I wuz sittin’ here in ma kitteh bed havin’ a snooze. Then this thing landed on my head. And I can’t get it offs. I can haz headache?]

Via Cuteporter Jack B.


  1. She seems okay with it!

  2. I hear major purring. :)

  3. Look up long-suffering in a dictionary and you will see a picture of that cat’s face.

  4. Kitteh’s eyes are the most amazing minty green (at least on my monitor)!

  5. The Original Jane says:

    I name it Andes Mint green. :)

  6. 4leafclover says:

    It’s so stimulating being your hat.

  7. Major points for the Labyrinth reference! :)

  8. Indy's Mom says:


  9. Once A Fish says:


  10. Definition: Bird Brain

  11. While birds are flock animals and should not be raised or kept without companions of the same species, this chick looks happy enough with her new nest. I wonder when she’ll realize her “nest” may not be so happy about it :P

  12. If you check out the rest of the person’s videos you will see that apparently they raise chickens of all types…. and the kitty is remarkably patient with all of them! I suppose kitty must be used to the little cluckers by now. Either way, the chick inthis particular video is certainly not alone…

  13. Thanks for the clarification! :)

  14. P.S., seriously, go to this person’s channel. There’s too much cat and chick cuteness! Gah! I’m going into sweetness overload!

  15. Cutest ear warmer ever! :D

  16. Is this hat too much?

  17. SlaveToCat says:

    Must be going to a garden party at Buckingham Palace with such a lovely Fascinator as that.

  18. Suneetra Karam Singh says:

    That is THE MOST unimpressed cat EVER.

  19. Chick says, “Does this cat make my butt look fat?”

  20. ;)

  21. This kitteh reminds me of The Duck Man from the Discworld Series. “What chick?”

  22. Discworld ref! You win!

  23. Stoicism.

  24. Sharon Wilson says:

    Trying to hatch the head…Hmm, not working!

  25. Tomorrow that cat will have a No Fat Chicks bumper sticker on his litterbox or bed.

  26. Today, however, the cat has chicks on his mind.

  27. :lol: That chick must find his/her feet to be nice and warm sitting on that dear sweet kitty’s head like that :lol:

  28. That cat is now cursed :P

    AND it'll have weird short arms.


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