Where Can I Find A Puppeh Like That!

MORE Birfday Greetings 2Day!

“Today is Jessie Girl’s birthday. The photo was taken by me her first night at home when she was just 8 weeks old. Can’t believe she is 5 already…time flies!! She is the sweetest dog ever (really) and brings so much joy to our lives every day. She would love to have her pic on CO on her birthday.” -Jenny B.

Jessie Girl



  1. Kristin R. says:

    Aussies are the best! I have a blue merle girl, too. Live is so much better and full of cuteness with an Australian Shepherd. Happy Birthday Jessie!

  2. Jenny Bertram says:

    That’s my puppeh girl! Thanks CO!! Jenny B.

  3. Happy Birfday, Jessie!! I bet you are the sunshine in your hoomans’ lives.

  4. canadianmary says:

    awww…love the walleye; Like our fav wackadoodle kittees…..beautiful little one!

  5. My brother had an Aussie when my niece was small. Coo (Cuchalain, actually. The family joke is that he got all the Irish in our ancestry, and I got everything else…) was a great dog, but took his herding duties very seriously. Family walks were _always_ extremely well-organized and decorous.

    When the niece got somewhat older, her class did some ‘living history’ presentations for the younger kids at their school. I don’t know how Jenn got to be Mark Twain, but she did. She wore her own white jeans and the jacket from her grandmother’s wedding suit, with a chewing-gum cigar and a mustache trimmed from the white spot under Coo’s chin…

  6. Awww, Jessie Girl is ONE of my favorite aussies, that’s for sure… but her big sister is my actual favorite 🙂 Happy Birthday, Jessie Girl… xo Aunt Catherine

  7. I want to nominate the hover text as at least top-3 ever written.

  8. “least?”

  9. Jessie Girl, you are growing up to be such a beautiful girl and SO SMART. Happy Belated Birthday.