So About the 2014 Calendar…

A lot of you have been writing in, and hollering things like HEY! WHERE IS THE 2014 CUTE OVERLOAD CALENDAR!? I NEED ONE FOR MY AUNT/COUSIN/MOTHER-IN-LAW ETCETERA!

Well People, I’m afraid to be the bearer of bad news – we don’t have one this year!


Why? When the twins arrived last year, and all attention focused on them, I knew we wouldn’t have time for the calendar project. Something had to give, People! I’m sorry we don’t have one this year, but there are other calendars we’d highly recommend instead. More posts to follow on that topic.

Fear not, Peeps. There will be a 2015 Cute Overload Calendar—we just finished it! (Like, literally, today. That’s a sneak image preview below.)

Now if you will excuse me, I hear two small mouths yelling for supper. Amazing lung capacity for their size.

2015 Calendar image by Sakurako Shimizu.



  1. Adrienne Howard says:

    Twins are wonderful!! Congratulations! 🙂 No worries about the calendar, it will just be 2013 all over again! 🙂

  2. Okay, so twins, wow and congrats but… I don’t know how I will survive 2014 without my calendar. *sobs*
    You may not understand but I don’t throw away these pages. They get passed around my office or sent to my mother or end up taped to walls or filing cabinets to enjoy forever more.
    2014 is going to be a long, ugly year, devoid of teh cute. *sigh*

    Not to make you feel bad or anything…

  3. Oh wells….. I’m glad to hear the twins are doing fine and on splendid form by the sound of it 😉

  4. Well that was a delicious reason… will anguishly wait for 2015.

  5. Bummer! Sorry to hear … thanks for the heads up. Glad to hear it is for a GOOD reason. 🙂

  6. If only there was a website you could visit every day to get your fix of fresh qte…..hmmmmmm……… 🙂

  7. Well I think that is a perfectly leggit reason 😉 Congrats!!

  8. Well at least that mystery is solved…this is the very reason all my kids are 4 legged 🙂 Somebody has to populate the world though so yay for twins.

  9. *pouts* oh. Well.

  10. What coinkydink – I seed dis today

    Shirtless mens AND kittehs!

  11. I saw this too on the meow sight. It’s an adequate substitute lol

  12. you will LIKEE the 2015 one. Verrrry nice.

  13. Whew! *clutches pearls* Hotties is right!

  14. There’s also, “Hot Guys and Baby Animals” –

  15. Nano's mom says:

    “Amazing lung capacity for their size.” Is that a rule of cuteness?

  16. Meg, we love you no matter what!! Give those little cuties a smooch from me and don’t worry a bit about the calendar! Hope you and your family are well and happy. Smooch! ♥

  17. No hunks but Love-and-Hisses has some calendars too.

  18. NO need to be without the Qte! Go to and get one of their calendars filled with puppehs of the white fluffy variety! It is a wonderful rescue organization and the proceeds go to the care and medical attention for the many, many Maltese-y flavored pups in the NY Tri-State area!! Don’t forget! !

  19. AWW 🙂 Don’t feel bad, Meg 🙂 We can wait 🙂

  20. I am crushed!  but I will see what they recommend.  Looked at the mall tonite…….nothing caught my eye……………


  21. Should be.

  22. lisaLASSIE says:

    Now is when I’m supposed to be all understanding and supportive and agree that raising her children is more important for Meg than making a calendar for us. Yes. I am about to say all that. In a minute. Just a few minutes here and I’ll say that. Ahem. If I can just have a little more time…..

  23. I was checking Amazon every now and then and wondering about that too… A little disappointed to know that me and all my friends won’t have a CuteOverload calendar to get by 2014, but hey! My happiest congratulations on your twins!! I’m sure the little ones need your time more than we all need the calendar… hmmm… actually I’m not so sure about this one… =D

  24. Erm, if the 2015 calendar is finished, you know you can just change the 2015 to 2014, right?

  25. kibblenibble says:

    Congratulations on your twins, Meg. I will miss the calendar this year, but I never miss a day of visiting CO. You bring so much joy and Qte to us all. Thank you!

  26. I don’t want another calendar!! I like diversified cute!
    My students and I look forward to this every day! They even have me put the old pages in our “treasure box” so they can collect the ones they like!
    Not fair!! *pouts, stomps feet, kicks dirt* It’s gonna take me awhile to act adult about this…*sigh*

  27. Meg, love love Love your site. And am happy you have thriving twins to keep you busy. But… Don’t you have staff to put together a calendar while you are busy being super mom? And if you can complete a calendar for next year, why not this year? Arrgghh. Bummer, but if you’re going to wait until November to tell us then I guess there’s no hope for my daily dose of cute from CO for the coming year. Best wishes.

  28. Wow…that’s professional. How much have you guys made over the years?

  29. My first turned out to be a set of twins – I hear you! Now – how about a photo of those cute babies! Only that will appease the masses clamoring for a calender! 🙂

  30. ??? Getting crabby, Marci?

  31. Oh now you’ve gone and done it. You don’t know the real Meg. The beatings for the day will be doubled.

  32. I saw this the other day. While it is a little more expensive, I won’t need to order my half-naked cowboy calendar since this one will do double duty Although…the cowboys go in the bathroom and the animals go on the fridge. This will require further thought.

  33. Can’t just change the year if you want the calendar to be functional — you know the days aren’t the same day of the week…

    There has got to be a printer who can rush the printing — or maybe we can have a digital calendar?!?

    Sure there’s all kinds of cute kitteh, puppeh, poneh, etc. calendars out there — but where are we going to get the scientific, cutting edge cute?

  34. With this community, I don’t know why anyone hasn’t considered working with Meg to create a CO Community Calendar. I’m sure the intawebz could pull this one off….somehow. This is in no way my volunteering to do the job – don’t have the time.

  35. That’s what can happen if you deprive people of teh Qte!

  36. But…if it would get us a calendar…

  37. To add insult to injury, I saw a bunch of Hunks and Cute Animals calendars at Target! And cute animals, but nothing at all like the lovingly constructed CO-a-Day version.

    P.S. You’d be amazed at how much work those things require. Days and days!

  38. What she said!

  39. Sarah Hope says:

    Twins omg! That’s so wonderful. I’m a twin (fraternal), and I consider it pretty much the greatest blessing I’ve ever received to have a best friend to go through life with me. I hope they bring you lots of happiness, as you have to all of us.

  40. Thank you for the explanation, I understand! And I’m glad to here in 2015 will be another one, yay! Keep up the good work!

  41. I know it takes a lot of time, and I believe it has to be sent to publish 6 months ahead of release? But…I am sure CO peeps would have VOLUNTEERED to help if they knew that was the only way we’d get a calendar!

  42. And how much are you paying for the cute on this website again?

  43. NO 2014 CALENDER??!!??!!?? AAAUUURRGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How will I survive without my Cute Overload?? I’ve been waiting for that calendar to come out! Well, I guess I can wait until 2015. Congrats on the twins.

  44. I Can Has Cheezburger or Grumpy Cat calenders look pretty cute. (of course, not as cute as “Cute Overload” but, sometime Life Isn’t Fair!)
    We’ll live!!! There’s always the website, which is awesome!!!!!

  45. OH NOOOOOOOOOOS!!!!!!! NO NO NO! You don’t understand how much this impacts my life, this calendar is what gets me through every day at work, I may have to change careers based solely on the fact that I will no longer have cute calendar! D: TRAGIC!!

    But seriously, I totally understand and congrats on the twins!

  46. Everybody says:

    Totally agree

  47. Everybody says:

    Funny how my negative comment didn’t get “approved” for posting by moderation yet all the happy yay-for-babies ones did..

  48. Congrats on the twins! I imagine life suddenly became super busy! That said, I have been looking for months for the new 2014 calendar and am surprised and so sad that 2014 will be a year of finding real cute each day vs. relying on your (TREASURED) calendar. Maybe a few cute twins pics can be in 2015 :-)! Will reallly very much miss your calendar in 2014. I have used it every single day for the last two yrs. (I work in a place where cute is very much needed and appreciated!!)

  49. Just want to second this!!! I rely on my cute overload pic a day calendar in the same way you do. Very much tragic!!!!!! (I also wish there had been more of a heads up, as the 2013 calendar had an insert that instructed us to look to order the calendar weeks ago, and I looked everywhere. Surely they knew there’d be no 2014 by then, as they have already completed 2015.) Super sad and also disappointed at how late they posted something. Yes, happy for them re: the twins, but still.

  50. IDEA!!!! There have been almost 50 comments on here!! Want to each find 10-15 cute photos and publish our own 2014 calendar? What do you think? Just reply to this post if that sounds good!

  51. Say it ain’t so! We’ll miss it in our house – but will be back for 2015 edition. Love those twins up!

  52. I googled “why no cuteoverload calendar” and found this post. Gratz on the bebehs! I am sad about calendar, but it’s good to hear it’s for such a happy reason!

  53. I just moved countries and unpacked what was left of my 2013 calendar for the desk of my new job. Go to order next year’s calendar and find out there isn’t one?! Wow. I would rather pay for a desk calendar than have a free website. 😦 The other ones just don’t compare. Mostly, they just have too many cats! God, next year is going to SUCK.