Photo Assignment 6: Time 4 A BubblesBurger®!

“Here’s a photo of Lady Bubbles eating some hamburger for Photo Assignment 6. Hamburger is about 1/3 the price of cat food in Rwanda and our cats like it at least 3 times as much, so they get it often. Bubbles had a hard time posing for the camera and eating, so food kept falling out of her mouth. She made sure to eat it all though.”

Bubbles Hamburger
From Rwandan Correspondent Nathan G.



  1. AWW 😀 From the looks on her dear sweet little face, Lady Bubbles really enjoys eating hamburger 😀

  2. You should google “raw diet house cats”. In a nutshell, your cat will probably not get enough taurine; a cat which doesn’t get enough will die a slow, terrible death.

  3. She’s adorable. My kitty would love some fresh hamburger. Especially if it’s lightly cooked.

    Looks like a chili grind.

  4. Orrrr…. instead of stomping around in your big bummer boots, suggest some taurine supplements. Bing works, too.

  5. slow terrible death? tell that to my four cats who eat a %100 raw, homemade, balanced diet and are all in the peak of health. they have only ever been to the vet for vaccinations and desexing. the vet says that all four of my cats are in top condition with lovely teeth!

    before the advent of commercial cat food cats didn’t regularly die of taurine deficiency.

    p.s. a balanced raw diet is more than muscle meat, it includes organ meat, bones, tendons and sinews too. sorry for the lecture, getting down off my soapbox now.

  6. I love the sidepieces of her “glasses”.

  7. So you can has cheezburger, after all!

  8. Tony James says:

    Looking at Ms. Bubbles here, is anyone else thinking that there’s some sandcat in her ancestry? Could just be the colouring, but I’d say there’s some resemblance there…

  9. Glubs&BubsMomma says:

    my itty bitty pretty sand-kitty.

  10. The poster also said their kitties get hamburger “often”, not “exclusively”. Cats eat raw animals, it’s what they do. I don’t think a hamburger treat is nuff-worthy.

  11. I don’t recall the owner writing that the cat was on a “raw diet” or that raw meat is the only thing the cat eats. “Often” is not the same thing as “exclusively.”

  12. Glubs&BubsMomma says:

    Bubbies gets plenty of kibble. (Its $50/8 lbs, but we think she and Glubbies are worth it.) The meat treat is for when they are *especially* cute, though they are always especially cute to me!

  13. She is very pretty! And Glub-Glub (not present) is very handsome! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  14. She is extremely beautiful. She is giving us side-eye realness and I love it. Am always happy to see she and Glub-Glub are doing so well. ❤ ❤

  15. mmmmmmmm…. big bowl of muscle meat

  16. Me too! Also her especially cute muzzle-powsch-nose-chin area. And I have to wonder if her eyes are always at half-whackadoodle, or if it’s just the hamburger. Bottome line: she is OEC. (Overall Extremely Cute)

  17. It’s already been pointed out that the kitties get more than just hamburger, so I think they’re okay. Plus, most raw pet food mixes include organ meats for the Taurine – such as the mix I feed to my own kitty. So far the only health risk has been the risk to *me*, she likes to poke me if I’m too slow getting the food!

    Since you’re interested in kitty dietary health, you should also google the dangers of traditional dry-food-only diets, particularly mold and yeast contamination. Suffice to say, most raw-diet cats are getting much better (and safer) nutrition than other cats.

  18. Smartypants says:

    What a pretty girl! “you’ve got a little something…right…there…”

  19. Um, I think Chris was making a point that pure hamburger meat was inadequate, as would be evidenced by searching for “raw diet” and realizing that reputable resources say you can’t feed them a hamburger-only diet.

  20. petless in Puddletown says:

    Who’s the prettiest kitty in the room?? Yes she is!!

  21. Yes, think, ground mouse.

  22. whatthelump says:

    Good call! That’s one giant step for lolcats.
    I’m such a fan of Bubbles and MGG, always love the photos! They go together like Hana and Maru 🙂

  23. Hello Momma of Glubs & Bubs. You’ve got two gorgeous little furbabies there. I always love seeing there updates.