Happy Birthday, Dave!

“This is Dave my dapper tuxedo-ed cat lusting after a plate o’ ribs! He didn’t get any of this but it didn’t stop him from staring! Sooo cute! ”

“Dave’s 2nd birthday is today and it’s his birthday wish to be featured on Cute Overload!” -Rachael S.



  1. emmberrann says:

    Happy birthday, Dave! I hope you get lots of good-for-kitteh treats!! Extras, even! I knoe, I know, it’s not ribs, but sugar based treats will only make you sick! And bbq ribs got sugar on them, so they’re not good for you! I love your big yellow eyes! Such a qtie…

  2. Happy Birthday Dave!

    Mmmm those ribs look good.

  3. Dave you cutie patootie…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  4. Dave on a steak-out, giving us the rib eye.

  5. She shoots…. she scores 🙂

  6. Happy birthday, Dave!
    I don’t think I could have a plate of ribs without sharing at least a little bit with him. Everybody likes barbecue!

  7. What a beauty. Tell me that he at least gets to lick the plate!

  8. AWW 😀 Happy Birthday, dear sweet Dave 😀 Could you make some ribs for Dave that he can eat, Rachael S.? 😀

  9. Same here, Rick 😀 I would make sure that the ribs could be eaten by kitties before getting any for me and the kitties to share 😀

  10. Dave got tuna and spinach for his birthday treat! No ribs for this kitty!

  11. I’m glad Dave enjoyed his birthday meal. He looks like a sweetie.

    Between you and me, I’d rather have the ribs.