You Scream, I Scream

We all scream for Neopolitan Toebeans!

10320814433_f0533bd693_z (1)
“I just cannot get enough of the cute poses and mannerisms of my tuxedo named Bebe. Being a tuxedo, Bebe has black, white and pink toe beans, so we also call her “Neopolitan Toes”. Hope you think she is as cute as I do! Love your website…it makes me smile every day!” -Sincerely, Stephanie G. L.



  1. OMG, I loved neapolitan ice cream. It would come in a square and I ate the chocolate portion first so I would like to nom on the choco toe beans first please. 🙂

  2. NOM!!!!!

  3. You can have those toes, I need to kiss that furry cheek and stroke those white whiskers.

  4. Hee hee. Wait ’til I tell Ezri her toebeans are Neopolitan!

  5. Mmm..tuxie toe beans. My favorite!

  6. AWW 😀 I so want to cuddle and snorgle your dear sweet Bebe the tuxedo kitty, Stephanie G. L. 😀