THIS JUST IN: First Puppeh Ever Scales Mt. Everest!

Will you LOOK AT THIS! This puppeh is named Rupee. He was found in bad shape at a DUMP in Ladakh, Northern India.

Dog climbs Everest
Now, he has scaled Everest with new owner hoomin Joanne Lefson.

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest

Dog climbs Everest
HUGE CO Kudos to Eagle-Eyed Cuteporter Catherine C. for this!! Caters with the great photos.


  1. Awesome!

  2. Could that dog look any happier?

  3. All the way I think would be hard for the pup – That’s no easy climb even for humies
    First or second base camp I could believe.

  4. I saw this story in the paper – it’s Everest Base Camp that she took the dog too. Which is not on Everest.

  5. Well, none of these pics are at the top, given how the human is dressed. I doubt any responsible outfitter would let you climb with a dog anyway. But he looks like he had some fun regular hiking in the snow!

  6. Try first. No way someone is climbing Everest in jeans.

  7. Yeah, the cute went a bit “over the top”. But Rupee definitely deserves a ton of kudos, and snausages, for getting to first base camp, 17,000. ft.

  8. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Agreed. I’ve been hiking at around 10k feet, and it’s no joke. Just 4k above that (top of Pike’s Peak) is obnoxiously cold even in July, and windy as anything. Can’t imagine what 17k is like.

  9. I’m standin’ on top of the world!

  10. Puppeh is rocking the guyliner! Such soft, pretty eyes, and what a wonderful smile! Rupee must’ve been very special in a previous life – and so must’ve been Joanna, to get to share her life with marvelous furry friends like Rupee and Oscar…

  11. I’ve been to some of those places – the airport at Lukla (scary place to land with a short downhill runway off the side of the mountain) and the hilly Namche Bazar. Nepal is amazing.

  12. Yay for Rupee and Joanna!!! I love this story soooo moische!!!!!!! :)

  13. Smartypants says:

    Good dog Rupee! I love the pic of him w/the holy men.

  14. whatthelump says:

    Me too! He kinda looks like, “I can haz… purifehkayshun?”

  15. That’s my fave too. Enlightenment can be found in soft fur. <3

  16. Well said, Saffron- yay for Rupee. Bless Joanne.

  17. Wow that is just amazing!!!

  18. I knew it. If your karmic burden is light, you come back as a pampered pet in the next life.

    Even those swamis/pilgrims can’t deny the happiness of a warm puppy.

  19. Ok, now THIS is spoiled. Guy didn’t even climb Everest himself, she hired a porter to carry him up the mountain. On a silk pillow in a basket of golden straw.

  20. As it should be. As it should be.

    P.S.- Could Rupee be anymore frikkin, freakin, adorbs???!!!

  21. Sherpa. But not a German Sherpard.

  22. Is that a South African flag around puppy’s neck?

  23. From what I can see, that is a South African flag. Vrystaat!

  24. It’s rather dashing on him.

  25. What a dumpling! Give heem hugs for me!

  26. Does anyone know if she was able to take him home … or is he still wandering lost and alone around a basecamp? Hopefully he’s in sunny South Africa.


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