Hazel Conks Out

“I met little Hazel here at an adoption event run by the Maryland Animal Sanctuary. She’s 8 weeks old and was rescued from a kill shelter in North Carolina. She was so sleepy she just conked right out in my arms. Keeping it Qte in B’more, Sue.”

IMG_0892 (1)



  1. She is so sweet looking…adorable.

  2. Please take her home!

  3. rescue gal says:

    I have wondered who the soulless humans are who can actually do the job at “kill” shelters. Look at that face!! That is total love with floppy ears.

  4. You do them an injustice. Chances are they don’t like having to put adoptable animals down, but better that than have them languish forever in an overcrowded shelter. A lot of “kill” shelters are municipal. They don’t have infinite room or resources. Rescue groups can only take so many animals in. Basically, “kill” shelters are a dumping ground for unwanted animals. I used to volunteer at one as a dog-walker. There wasn’t a person there who didn’t love animals. You want “soulless”? Try the so-called “humans” who treat animals as disposable.

  5. Thanks for standing up for shelter workers! I have a pet care business, and I actually frequently recommend that clients take their ailing or elderly pets to their local shelter that performs euthanasia, when the inevitable is necessary. The workers who perform euthanasia all day — regrettable but often necessary, as you point out above — manage, against incredible odds, to KEEP their souls intact and their compassion finely tuned. They treat the animals gently, respectfully, and with great skill to help them go peacefully over the rainbow bridge. Many shelters have quiet rooms where the owner can remain with their animal for the procedure. I have found the environment to be more soothing than many veterinary clinics, where there is a lot of waiting while the kleenex piles up, and explaining over and over your decision to let the animal go. Anyway, “kill” shelters aren’t anyone’s “thrill” job. Shelter workers are right up there with fire and police officers, if you ask me.

  6. I agree. These are not glue factories and they’re not selling pelts on the side. Unfortunately, they have limited resources and limited options. They have to make difficult decisions tjat I know I couldn’t make.

    I wish we didn’t have to do this either but I don’t want to see miserable animals suffer and slowly starve either.

  7. Hazel looks so grateful. Thank you!

  8. While I do understand your comments about shelters, it makes me sad to think about…

    Can we get back to the slightly hidden toe beans and BIG floppy ears of this QTE Puppeh?? *scrolls back up for another glance*

  9. Love Hazel’s name!!! So cute…ADOPT ADOPT ADOPT!!! Your life will forevermore be changed for the better!!

  10. Yes. I hope “I met Hazel…” means she bundled her up, took her home, and will forever snuggle and snorgle her – with snausage breaks, of course!”

  11. Well said….thank you.

  12. Who adopted whom ?

  13. Soulless? I don’t think so. That is mean.
    They are human beings and deserve our respect for doing a difficult job.
    Shelter workers also care for pets who are…RESCUED. As they did for the kitteh morsel my Mom recently adopted from a shelter.
    Please be nice.

  14. I would rather see an animal put down humanely than suffer after being hit from a car or homeless and treated badly. Life isn’t fair sometimes.

  15. My comment will never pass moderation. Anyway, I stand behind my comment.

  16. AGREE!

  17. If you think your comment won’t pass moderation, don’t re-write it.

  18. It is sad. I was always so excited when I found out a dog I walked had gotten adopted. I still remember them. My favorite was this pit mix named Bisquit. He was such a little clown. He just had the best personality, and he made everyone laugh because he was so darn cheerful. He kept getting passed up, though, and I was worried about him. One day, I came in to find his kennel empty . . . because some guy needed a new best friend and liked Bisquit’s smile. I call that a happy ending all around.

  19. You shouldn’t. You have no idea, no idea at all, what happens in these shelters. You want to do something positive? Volunteer at one. Meet the people who dedicate their lives to animals with nowhere else to go. Learn about what happens in a world which is nowhere near ideal, with people who are trying to do their best when there aren’t always good choices. See if you still think they’re “soulless” then.

    Or, you can sit there on your high horse and judge. That would probably make you happier, I admit, but no wiser.

  20. And back to Hazel….Aside from that face that launched a billion ships, doncha all LOVE the way the “mom” (I HOPE!!) is hold her 2 lil bottom paw-paws. I just love that. Sigh.

  21. I know someone who has “that” job. She cries A LOT. It rips her apart and she has so MANY pets that she has ripped out of there. Soul-less…no. Heartbroken….yes.

  22. Please post and let us know if you took her home! I just want to snuggle her!