Cambodian Fur Bumps!

Let’s check in on a corner of the world that…rarely gets checked in on. “My husband and I are traveling around the world. We ran into these fur bumps while crossing from Thailand into Cambodia,” says Roving Cuteporter Betsy A.

“They’re orphans (hence the bottle feeding), and we think they’re among the cutest pups in the whole world. We ought to know because we’ve sampled!”

image (1)
“If you decide they’re worthy, (*We do.)’re welcome to link to our blog. (*We just did.) My husband Zach Z. is the photographer. I provide artistic direction. (Like, ‘We need more photos of Cambodian puppies, stat!’)”



  1. Can a puppeh have a milk goatee?

  2. emmberrann says:

    Lookit da teeny toebeans! Omnomnom!

  3. “more photos of Cambodian puppies, stat!” Seconded! *nibbles just a bit of tineh toebean for the road*

  4. That second pic turned me into a puddle of goo–what a face! The tiniest, gentlest of mini-boops for that nosicle!

  5. Medic!! MEDIC!!!!!! Too late…I iz a goner.