An Appeal for Decency

This Nosevember, we at Cute Overload wish to address a serious topic: nose hunting. Each year, dozens of innocent animals are hunted just to turn their noses into trophies. We urge you to contact your elected representative to demand an end to this barbaric and wasteful practice, and also to do something about the CIA satellites that beam show tunes directly into my head. Thank you.

Via Reddit.



  1. that is awesome! great creative perspective

  2. I ‘noses’ that your kidding right ? Illegal nose hunting is the bane off all animal hunting.

  3. I tried to boop all of those nosicles and am now exhausted.

  4. Martha in Washington says:

    *digs through desk drawer for stationary while humming “Music of the Night”*

  5. AHAHAHA! At first all I saw the was top nose, and that was funny enough. Then I scrolled down and saw the rest of the Wall o’ Noses, and I almost guffawed out loud in my cubicle! :mrgreen:

    Nice job, Nom Tom (or whatever your name is)!

  6. Like Lucy from Charlie Brown – Dog Lips!

  7. Rushes a big roll of aluminum foil to NTMTOM so he can make a hat and cover the windows, that should block the transmissions form the CIA satellites.

  8. And remember–it’s shiny side IN for the hat and shiny side OUT for the windows.

  9. This might be one for the coffee table book. There WILL be a coffee table book, right?

  10. I want this on the front of a greeting card. Somebody call Hallmark.

  11. LeAnn Kaattari says:

    That’s a great big SNOOOOORF coming at ya!

  12. dolphin815 says:

    OH MY GOD! I’ve been doing it wrong!!!!

    *runs around frantically reversing all the aluminum foil*

    *runs three times clockwise around the house, then three times counterclockwise*

    *pauses for a minute to consider whether Reverse the Aluminum would make a good name for a band*

    *collapses from exhaustion*