Rule of Cuteness #7: A Thing, Accompanied By A Smaller Version Of That Thing, Is Cute.


“I found this photo on “The Week In Wildlife” section in The Guardian online. I am a long time fan of CO, but first time submitter. I nearly keeled over with Cuteness Overload when I saw this one!” -Lauren A.



  1. Hoverrhino ? What will science think of next !

  2. “You get back here right now, young man! You need to finish your spinach.”

  3. This is a beaut!

  4. This takes the cake, no? Is the cake taken?

  5. need a cake? take a cake. have a cake? leave a cake.

  6. mmmmm! cake!

  7. Mother and son runocerous team lead the charge in the NYC Marathon.

  8. start them last and everyone will finish first

  9. I say it’s a mother-daughter moment – ‘you can be a superhero too, just like Mommy! Pretend we’re wearing capes, my girl, it’s easy!’

  10. “The cake is a lie”

  11. Look! No feets on the ground! That’s a gallop, right? [dies]

  12. Oh my gosh! Two minutes ago, I said to myself, “I’d really like to see an adorable behbeh rhino! I may have to check the CU archives…” And I click here, and BOOM! It’s like the CU staff has telepathy! So awesome! Go hoverhinos!

  13. Smartypants says:

    Oh, I like that image!

  14. Smartypants says:

    Looks like the Scootin’ Bebeh Trunksters have some competition!

  15. “….. and when the smaller version of the thing is doing precisely what the big version is doing, that’s cute right off the charts and should come with a warning for those of us with excitable dispositions.” (Thank god I was sitting down.)
    I am actually trying not to squee as I’m a little concerned about the reputation of mother rhino’s. I’m sure she could wipe me out from the other side of the planet with a rhino side eye.

  16. Cake or death

  17. oh thats so cute I cant stand it!!!!!!!!

  18. Hugebody McTinyhead says:

    Snortilda and Snortilda jr! (I’m sorry, but if yet another rhino has been born and named something other than that I’m going to go ahead and give up on the International Federation of Rhinoceros Namers.)

  19. Just a few days ago, the Western Black Rhinoceros was officially declared extinct. It hasn’t been seen since 2006. I don’t know what kind of rhinos these are, but this post deserves a re-post with updated rhino information to spread the word about this tragedy. And maybe some links to rhino conservation associations.