Bebeh Pola’ Brrr!

This is Henry, the newest member of the polar bear family living at Sea World, Gold Coast (near Brisbane), Australia. Born on May 9th 2013, Henry is the first cub to be born in captivity at Sea World. Henry may one day help in the conservation of the 25,000 polar bears left in the wild. You might think it unusual for a Polar Bear to be living in Australia, but then Australia is known for having a lot of unusual animals!



Click here for more about Henry from Yahoo!7 News, including a very “cool” video!
“Henry making his debut at SeaWorld on the Gold Coast in Australia!” -Nikki S., via Daily Life



  1. Loves me some polar bears.
    P.S. zooborns has the most adorable baby panda in pix and a video.

  2. Awww polar bear are awesome so cute!

  3. The mamma bear’s smile in the third picture makes me smile. 🙂

  4. My dad always took me to see the polar bears at the zoo. They were his favorite animal. This brings me back. Thanks for that.
    Quite the adorable little guy, too!

  5. Born Freeze!
    As freeze as the winds blows
    As freeze as the ice floes,
    Born freeze to swim in the slush!

    Live freeze and snowflakes surround you
    Global warmth will confound you
    When the seas are just icy mush.

    Stay freeze, no warming will reach you
    you’ll be in Machu Pichu
    when the polar caps melt.

    Born freeze and ice cream is your best friend
    But only your best friend
    When you’re born freeze!

  6. Oh look at mama’s proud smile in the 3rd pic!

  7. fleurdamour says:

    Nature on PBS has a segment currently airing called Love in the Animal Kingdom and one of the happy couples is a pair of polar bears. It is hilarious to watch them flirt, the girl doing coy somersaults and the boy showing off his big strong muscles, with the end result surely being a sweet little guy like this one.

  8. We needed a fourth pic so that the hovertext could be Vanilla Ice …