Who Brings a Stuffy to the Vet?

This super plush bunneh does look kinda stuffed, doesn’t it? In a Gund kinda way. Not in a, “I ate to moishe” kinda way …(shifty eyes).

“My bunny Zofia, at the vet for a check-up. The vet tech held her up so the vet could trim her nails, but she wasn’t too happy about it.” -Laurie S.



  1. Epic dewlap!

  2. I want a fur coat that color, except well, not made out of fur.

  3. is that a really big tailio for a bunbun?

  4. He looks SO pissed off. He looks like he could stab me with his ears.

    *hides under bed*

  5. diffapwoofal

  6. I wanna squeeze her!

  7. Everything about this bunnah says uncomfortables.

  8. Looks proper laid back to me, my bun turns into a demon at clipping time, we all end up scarred & ruffled!

  9. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I’ve often considered making yarn from dog hair pulled off the couch, then knitting a sweater.

  10. You can..if you spin your own yarn, you can add pet hair. I had a friend who did this with her pom’s shedded furs and it was beautiful.

  11. Nopers, just a good angle to see what size they really are. I always thought bunnies had cotton balls tails, but when I got one I realized they just have a short, super puffy tail- but a tail none the less. They’re just usually a little more “tucked in.” But it’s super cute when a bunny is grooming and flicks their little puff tail out of the way!

  12. Zofia disapproves of nail-traimming.


  13. Blue Footed Booby says:


  14. My lord, that is the best description of that PO’d bunny ear position I’ve ever heard. Can I steal that?

  15. Epic Harrumph!

  16. Those slitty eyes are plotting SOMEone’s demise! Yikes!