Daggone MUNI…LATE Again!

[I’ve been sitting here for an hour. What does a fella have to DO to get the bus to arrive on time???]


Photo 1 from Dee in Mississippi…Y’all. Photo 2 from noideaatall.



  1. lol. love the kitty!

  2. And the hover text! ROFL

  3. Same here, hyura 😀

  4. Can cats be called blorpular?

  5. LOLOL!!!! I am DEE. This is FatKITTYMOW. I found her like this when I was working in the back yard. I ran in to get the camera and she was STILL sitting like this. She eats only quality dry food… well, mehbeh the occasional BACON and cheeezzz. She is such a sweet / funny Keetahhhh… with the best qualitehh TOE BEANS

  6. Theresa Green says:

    LOL the Kitty knows that in the South you gotta stay in the shade!! Love that cat!!!!!