Today’s Geometry Lesson

The Parabola: Arc defined by a cat leaping for a toy.



  1. NFL wide receiver and Hall-of-Famer Jerry Rice couldn’t have made a catch that gracefully.

  2. Smartypants says:

    Poetry in meow-tion!

  3. Great clip. I also admire the gorgeous kitchen.

  4. Is Parabola arc also part of a Mobius strip? This sort of demonstrates that with kitty’s fabulous maneuver, and the endless loop of the gif!

  5. Love them brown tabbies! This one obviously has springs instead of paws.

  6. Martha in Washington says:

    I might have learned geometry in high school if my teacher had used these types of examples!

  7. 9.2

  8. Love how he puts the toy in his mouth mid-air so he can land.

  9. One of our cats does that same thing, though our Henry doesn’t get nearly this high. That may have something to do with the size of Henry’s tummy…

  10. snakey wakey says:

    I think you mean “purrabola.”

  11. That’s exactly what my college students said!

  12. Mad skillz!!!

  13. SlaveToCat says:

    The kitchen peaked my interest too. Mine is in desperate need of renovation. You know your kitchen is a disaster when you ask This Old House for help. And they send you a repair kit made up of, the Sunday Newspaper, 5 gallons of Kerosene, and a box of matches.

  14. I didn’t even see that, I was too mesmerized by his stretched out hind feets (gorgeous)! But the mouf thing is a beauty. Skillz!

  15. I see a couple of other cameras on the floor… hmmm, wonder what they captured!

  16. Mad skillz, indeed. And much more polite than what I was thinking (That cat is a BAMF!)

  17. LOL!

  18. mesmerized me an hubby kept noticing something new with each viewing
    just drew us in

  19. There’s a Cure song that has the line, “fires outside in the sky look as perfect as cats.” In fact, a lot of Cure songs that mention kitties. Anyhoodle, I agree with Robert Smith: cats are perfect.

  20. this is my new favorite page of the Ikea catalog

  21. Linda Love says:

    This is why cats are king, rule the world, rule us, rule the universe. They are gorgeous, graceful, scary, and AWESOME!

  22. Cats always stick the landing, that’s kind of in the job description.

  23. I just noticed the tail, so cool!

  24. This is why cats are the awesomest creatures ever.

  25. That’s my favorite part too. I watched it repeat several times and kept thinking, “Yeah, but where does the thing he caught wind up?” before I figured out that he transferred it from his paws to his mouth in midair. That is genius.

  26. Clairdelune says:

    Yea they are!! Indubitably!! 😀

  27. For some reason, I am just getting a picture with a caption and no video 😦 At least, I can say that is one pretty kitty 😀

  28. And Jerry Rice wouldn’t have stuffed the ball in his mouth and landed on all fours either, so there.

  29. Also see this brown tabby, who is induced into vertical leaps of up to 196cm (over 6’5″) to snag a toy mouse:

  30. That’s the same kitty!

  31. very observant, Shelley!

  32. It’s the same cat!

  33. Pure AWESOMNESS. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  34. I think it’s the same cat as in the OP; the video appears to have been made in the same kitchen :^D

  35. i watched it like 50 times