Nosevember Flutterby

Check out these photos by Steve Shinn. This lil’ Flutterby coulda landed anywhere he/she wanted, but instead decided to park it right on this fellow’s honker.




“Saw this post on Buzzfeed. Isn’t being the tiniest of your kind a rule of cuteness somewhere? And landing on a nose in November Nosevember is brilliantly played by the little guy too!” – Kristen D.



  1. Having a teeny butterfly land on your nose must imaprt a blessing, no(se)?

  2. Martha in Washington says:

    What a beautiful, teeny, tiny creature!! Anybody know what kind it is?

  3. From the link: “The western pygmy blue butterfly is the smallest butterfly in North America, and possibly the smallest in the world. Here are some photos of it on an older gentleman’s nose.”
    “Wildlife photographer Steve Shinn achieved a personal goal when he managed to photograph what is believed to be the world’s smallest butterfly.
    He snapped the Western Pygmy Blue butterfly in California’s Huntington Beach.”

  4. Martha in Washington says:

    Thanks pyrit! I was so busy being impressed by the photos that I didn’t see the link!

  5. “A butterfly landed on my nose, and it turned into an angel and flew away!”
    “Your nose turned into an angel?”
    –It’s an Adventure, Charlie Brown