You Are All KINDS Of Busted

Yesterday we announced Photo Assignment Day 6– your pet nomming a favorite treat. We’ve received a lot of terrific submissions including Hanneli here, who looks rather…guilty.

“This is my little Australian Shepherd girl Hanneli enjoying a cow hoof.” -Kristin R.



  1. i don’t see guilt. i see toe beans and joyful gratitude.

  2. And beautiful blue eyes and a delightful speckled nose and soft nommable ears…

  3. Australian Shepherd and Siberian Husky have the most beautiful eyes.

  4. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Blue eyes with black rims make dogs look insane, like they’re staring really hard all the time.

  5. She is gorgeous! But I think she went a leeeetle overboard with the eyeliner, at least on that one side. It’s as though she’s channeling Amy Winehouse.