THIS JUST IN: Maru Meets Ladder

We’ve seen Maru do a lot of things, mostly sliding across Mugumogu’s pristine floors to smoosh himself into a hapless Amazon box. This time, though- His Royal Thickness goes VERTICAL.



  1. He’s outta his comfort zone there fo’ sho. Do we need a fave frame of when he’s eating the cat grass? 😀

  2. There’s lots to say here and I don’t quite know where to begin. OK let’s go.
    Firstly, I thought perhaps Hana might have been holding the ladder steady but I see later in the clip, she’s not there at all. I admit to being slightly disappointed.
    Secondly, I lost count of the “ehn” moments ‘cos my brain exploded from the cute. Was anyone else keeping track?
    Thirdly, was he meant to be eating that grass? Is it kitteh safe? Is it that expensive stuff they put in smoothies for hoomins? Lucky, lucky Maru. Mugumogu you are truly owned by this animal.

  3. Firstly I thought Maru might be trying to get away from Hana.
    Secondly, no I didn’t keep count, I was to busy thinking “come on you can do it”
    Thirdly, that’s catnip grass he’s eating, it’s perfectly safe.

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    I’m somewhat surprised and really impressed that Maru could hoist himself up like that!

  5. Bravo, Maru! You did look a bit funny eating the cat grass though.

  6. ladder climbing is good exercise for Master Maru (His Grand Thickness). Grass eating is good for intestinal blockages – oops, puke alert!!

  7. Now let’s see how the getting back down goes!

  8. omg. How DOES that woman not laugh??? She must have ultra-superhuman-laugh-stifling capabilities… sheesh…

  9. Grass? Really! Grass the incentive to actually climb that ladder?? I love this cat!!

    Anyone else tempted to fast forward just to pass the moment of agony not knowing whether he’d manage or not. I didn’t though. Fastforward. What a tropper!

  10. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Two questions I ask:

    *How* does Maru get down?
    In what universe is there no dust in this house with two cats?

  11. I totally love this cat, and his baby sister Hana, and his person. But–true confession–I’m kind of hoping Maru does yak on the perfect floors. Just once. It would give the impression that they don’t all just live in a housekeeping paradise I will never be able to enter. Mugomogu would simply die if she saw my cluttered, hair-covered, house.

  12. jlamusings says:

    Yeah verily. A true imponderable. I aspire to unlock the secret of no cat hair/dust someday…

  13. I truly expected Hana to come barreling into the picture and STREAK up the ladder, as if to say “Comeoncomeoncomeon Maru, it’s easy, seeseeseesee???”

  14. There were too many ehns to count! Yep, that grass is safe…you can buy it in pet food stores. My kittehs looove it.

  15. I request a fave frame of when his back paws slip off and he’s hanging by the front.

    You gotta say one thing about His Thickness: he is persistent. Whether it’s a box three sizes too small or a ladder, he keeps trying until he gets where he wants to get.

  16. Well, a window is also a pretty strong incentive for a cat, as is just plain height. Also getting someplace new. And being annoying (oops, now I’m talking about my own critter).

  17. He’s a big boy!

  18. i bet he does it all the time, but rosie the robot whooshes out of a panel in the wall and mops it up then whooshes back in.

    japan is sneakily a century ahead of us in the robot department, just like they had smartphones for years before we ever saw one, and their maru development program may never be matched here.

  19. Victoria, Mom To 3 Rats (and 2 Kittehs) says:

    No, Juno, I think you’re talking about a lot of people’s critters. Or at least, you’re talking about mine. I’m quite convinced that my younger cat, Jasper, gets his kicks driving me crazy by getting in the way, stealing things, knocking things over, bouncing off the walls, taking flying leaps past my head when I’m on the couch, opening closet doors (so that he can steal things and knock things over) and attempting to climb the chimney. He gets told at least once a day that he’s lucky he’s so cute.

    On the other hand, I don’t think I could find Maru’s antics annoying. Mugumogu needs to ship him to me for a few weeks so he can teach Jasper how to burn energy without being obnoxious.

  20. fleurdamour says:

    I thought maybe he was just going up there to knock the plant off the windowsill. And I liked the tail-swishing – not sure if it was excitement, balance or both.

  21. Clairdelune says:

    I would like to unlock the secret of windows that are perfectly clean with no kitteh noseprints… in my house there is not one window THAT clean and clear!! [blushing from shame]. All Japanese housewives have a touch of magic – when I was living in Japan I had to hire one to help me so I would not be embarrassed by the floors and windows…. 😦

  22. Clairdelune says:

    Yep, that’s His Thickness, or more appropriately, His Roundness! 😀

  23. His Thickness of the Plushy Kind was clearly after the cat grass! He knew it was up there and persisted in his inimitable Maru fashion. So freaking cute! Okay, that house astounds me – how can any house or apartment be so spare, so perfectly white and pristine, and so spotlessly clean. I mean, where’s all the stuff? My goodness I adore these videos.

  24. i would really like to see how he gets back down! 🙂

  25. How to exercise your tub tubby;
    1. get a kitten
    2. place tubbys favorite treats up high and place a ladder or some other solid support for cat to climb.

  26. Smartypants says:

    How is this so mesmerizing? I think I held my breath for about 1:59!

  27. those are all vital qualities for cats to possess.

  28. Now we would love to witness the Royal Maru Descent. That could be priceless…

  29. I love his little white feet! I just want to schnoogle them!

  30. The determine tail swishing KILLS me. 🙂

  31. jan wolfe says:

    A good lesson for all hoomans…. never ever ever give up…. and always keep your tail wagging…

  32. Maruuuu :3

  33. YAAAYYYYY MARU!!!!! ❤

  34. I can never go to Japan; based on the whole spic-and-span thing I would be kicked out of the country, tout de suite! 😦

  35. phred's mom says:

    His persistence is inspirational to us all; as
    is the unreal dust-free window ledge. How
    in the heck is this possible in any real world?
    The immaculate floors were unsettling enough,
    now this! I am going to commit seppuku with
    my Swiffer, if I can remember where it is.

  36. phred's mom says:

    That would be all she wrote for those floors.

  37. Now, I know that Maru can climb 😀 I wonder if his owner put that pot of cat grass up there to grow until it was big enough for both Maru and Hana to eat 😀

  38. Totally Jersey says:

    This thread right here is why I *always* read the Comments. (phred’s mom – Hee!)