Puddin’s Got Cinnamon Buns

“Here’s my precious Puddin’ enjoying the remnants of my favorite flavor. (For Assignment #6.) She looooved food, no matter what it was! But, then again, who can resist Ben & Jerry’s?” -Kelly P., Smackover, Arkansas.

Editorial Notes:
1. Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia is so good it should be illegal.
2. Our interns LOCATED “Smackover, Arkansas!”



  1. I wished *I* lived in Smackover, Arkanas! That is one great name! AND I could visit Puddin’!

  2. That’s my grand dog! She was a one family dog and didn’t want anyone else invading. Lol. Loved me some Puddin’!!!!

  3. OMG that ice cream looks good. I don’t know whether to nom the ice cream or Puddin’s ears!

  4. Now that’s my king of Puddin and as for the editor’s note, I agree Cherry Garcia is the best and I will always remember having a scoop years ago at the Ben & Jerry next to the corner of Haight-Ashbury in San-Francisco, it did my old hippie heart good,

  5. It’s still there, I just had some CG not too long ago! Right after having a burger at Burger Urge!

  6. How are we supposed to see her cinnamon buns when this is a picture taken from her front?

  7. I was JUST gonna write that, dangit! The name, Puddin’, that’s right up there w/ Flapjack and Hoagie for adorable pupperoni names.

  8. You are so lucky, Puddin’s Gwandma! (And where does one put that silly apostrophe when Puddin’ is in the possessive?)

  9. Well, y’all just come right down and visit! Smackover is a great little town!

  10. Thanks! I actually named her that because I couldn’t think of a name and the vet was getting frustrated with me because they couldn’t file her paperwork without a name. Every time someone would ask her name I would say, “Puddin’ Tang. Ask me again, I’ll tell ya the same.” Finally one day I just decided to name her Puddin’.