I Will Flat Do Anything This Puppeh Wants

Want to go for a long walk? Chase some squirrels and cats? How about a thick juicy steak? I mean, I’ll do whatever you want.

“This is Scrappy Doo. She’s my cuddlebug and her nose knows when there’s food because she quickly gets into begging mode. I’m in nursing school so I don’t get to see her during the week and I really miss her. Your website helps me get my cute-fix in when I’m away from her. Thank you.” -Sandra L.



  1. girlychristina says:

    Aw! Is she a Bichon Frise??

  2. Adorable looks like my lil boy, Honey! He can whiff a banana being peeled in a split second, leap off bed run down hall and come skidding into kitchen to beg for it,
    oh he thinks all nanas are HIS!!!

  3. Classic Princess Di eyes. I’d give this little one anything too. Dead ringer for my sweet childhood poodle Rusty.

  4. yes she is!