Hey Pup, Your Nose is Running

You better go catch it! …nyuk yuk yuk

Fave Frame:

“I thought you might like this video I made trying out a new camera whilst playing with my brother’s dog, Mustard. Cheers, Fraser. Via YouTube



  1. Another cinematic triumph from Wiener Herzdog.

  2. he is cute,

  3. Excellent. Better than Wim Wieners.

  4. Such a nice schnozzle! And kudos to Mustard’s owners for taking such good care of him/her. That is quite a glossy coat!

  5. An excellent Nosevember post! Mustard is awesome…and his name is the best!

  6. What is that pineapple shaped thing I’m mesmerised by in the background? I thought perhaps seeing as Mustard is so well loved, it might be his personal special wees post.

  7. lisaLASSIE says:

    Applause to you both.

  8. Now I have to listen to the rest of Windowlicker.

  9. slim too. dachsies can get pudgie easy..nice work.

  10. Ok, am I the only one who is seriously surprised that a puppy vid goes so well with a track from Aphex Twin?????