Feel Free to Lend a Hand…

Just thinking out loud here, but maybe a ladder would be nice? Or maybe the aforementioned hand, if you can spare it? Just spitballin’ here, take your time, sheesh…

“I saw this little guy hanging out in his tank at the pet store. He looks less than impressed with his predicament,” observes Casey S.



  1. Hmmm … I wonder what that gesture is …

  2. He disapproves.

  3. My dwarf hamsters do this! They can make it all the way from one end of the tank to the other without dropping!

  4. Dropping what?

  5. Imagine, not only opposable thumbs, but opposable hands and feet!

  6. Dog Lover says:

    That side eye is full of disapproval! 🙂

  7. …their backbacks. (Smart aleck reply)

    …to the floor of the cage. (Serious reply)