Choco Ball The Kitteh Goes Absolutely Nuts

SOMEone should lay off the Red Bull. Or the catnip. Or both.

(This feels vaguely like a Japan video. Telltale sign= Hello Kitty cutout. And more research has revealed that “Choco Ball” is indeed some kind of snack in The Big J. You want bizzaro proof? OK, U asked for it.)

And since today seems like Full Tilt Gonzo Japan Whackadoodle Day, let’s toss this one in. OK, we’re done. Hopefully.



  1. rescue gal says:

    That cat tree is AWESOME!

  2. What rescue gal said! Our cats would love that cat tree… Anyone know the source?

    I bet if the camera zoomed in just a bit closer we would find a dictionary-perfect picture of wackadoodle eyes. Cute, crazy, tail-swishing kitten!

  3. I have surround sound in the next room the resident felines are freaking out and scratching things.

  4. Indeed 😀 I also wonder where one can buy this, Berg 😀

    😆 Choco Ball must of gotten into some very strong catnip 😆

  5. I love when the kittehs go wy-uld!

  6. Yikes, that Choco Ball commercial is seriously disturbing. That might be enough to put me off chocolate for, like HOURS. Maybe.

  7. Of course kitteh is going crazy, given the size of her tree house on top, she might as well be a squirrel trying to somehow climb into a bird feeder.

  8. I know, right? I dream of visiting The Big J…but I am afraid I’d stay in the hotel room and just watch the TV.

  9. Teresa in TN says:

    Someone has a bad case of the evening crazies.

  10. Duuuude — that was some GREAT Nip!

  11. Not_That_Steph_The_Other_Steph says:

    The slight siezure at the 36 second mark made me lol.

  12. Pecan's Mom says:

    Adorable! Def not a Japanese video because of the wall plugs. Likely North America. Japanese-level of kawaii though!!

  13. SlaveToCat says:

    I wonder what happens to the hoomans legs when she opens a can of tuna.

  14. ^ what she said. For those who were wondering: Japanese wall plugs don’t have the third, grounding prong. (Gave me some trouble when I took my laptop to Japan and then couldn’t plug it in!)

  15. Japanese homes also tend not to have crown-molding

  16. If only we had a commercial for Choco Flavor Homerun Balls.

  17. Christeena says:

    Choco Ball the cat: high-larious and cute
    Choco Boru commercial: LMAO with tears in my eyes! Love Japan weirdness!

  18. They DO set the standard. A very high bar has been set.

  19. Did anyone watch any more mameshiba videos?? AWESOME. People find them in their food and they tell them strange facts and trivia. o_O

  20. Also, apparently mameshiba means “little bean dog.” 😀

  21. Oooh, good! That means this cat tree is potentially acquirable! I love it.

  22. I know, WHAT is making that sound? It looks like regular sisal but the noise is cool, I’m sure my cats would go bananas over a tree like that one.

  23. Perhaps you’re handy with a drill? These DIY instructions were the closest I could find to acquiring this tree:

  24. What a pretty cat, love the coloring!

  25. ok, just looked at the link Claire kindly posted, it seems the clanking noise is from the pvc pipe under the sisal. I want one!

  26. thank you for posting the link

  27. I’m fine if CO just wants to post all the kitties from sweetfurr.

  28. i think the cat just watched the Choco Ball commercial. 🙂

  29. Or this kitty’s parent is Japanese living elsewhere. Japan = Pristine floors.