Benson Hedges, Private Eye! in: The Case of the Crafty Craftsman

In this racket, a roscoe and good looks only get you so far — sometimes you need a disguise. So when I staked out the shipyards, I posed as an ice cream vendor. It was a sweet deal: clear view of the wharf and all the tutti-frutti I could eat.

My client, the shipyard owner, was frantic. Told me someone was stealing his tools and putting his crew behind schedule. But when I snuck into the tool shed, the goods were all there. Somebody was toying with me — and I had to find out who.

I stowed away on a dump truck heading to the quarry. It was a soft ride, but something told me things were about to get rocky.

I was right — it was Rocky Turtullo, my old nemesis. He flippered me off, so I flattened him with a right hook. “Cut the shell games, wiseguy!” I growled.

Will Hedges crack the case? Tune in for the next chapter at, um, some point.

It’s Barnaby again, from Christine L.!



  1. humminbirdie says:

    Pure. Unadulterated. Genius.

  2. Only Mike….

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    I love Benson Hedges!!

  4. “I was working out of bunco…”

  5. A detective? In an ice-cream van? It’s Louie Knight from the Aberystwyth books!

  6. “Take these photos in any order you want and make a hard-boiled detective story out of them.” “Sure, I can do that!” Brilliant.

    I do seem to have forgotten my first Craftsman, though. *Watch as obvious double-entendre whistles over my head.*

  7. Sherlock Holmes was never like this!

  8. Katherine says:

    Hedgie on a sea turtle. Now I’ve seen everything.

  9. So excellent.

  10. I love NOMTOM!

  11. and Benson Hedges, of course… 🙂

  12. Ah’m here for the next chapter: Hope Ah woan have too long of a wait!!! 🙄