This Just In: Super Strength Cute

The Olinguito! With the cute power of a dozen little puppies!

The Olinguito was discovered in August of this year; a new mammal species, and the first new carnivore discovered in over 30 years, lives in the cloud forests of the western Andes of Colombia.
“Breaking news about the Olinguito: the babies are just as adorable as you’d expect. Paws up, beady eyes, a boopable nose, and ears almost at 9 and 3. Just too cute.” -Angela W. via Saving Species.



  1. Dawww! Is that a grown up Olinguito in that pic?

  2. emmberrann says:

    The feeties! The BEF! And the fur looks so sofft! It also must be quite teenyto be held around its ribs in one hand…. I wanna hold it, and pet it and call it Poopsie, NOT George.

  3. oh so cute a warm lil teddy bear to cuddles with, and I would rub its teeny tiny belly
    and love him forevers!!!

  4. teddy bear + wombat + boo the dog + quokka = EPIC CUTE

  5. I’m confused .. if the ears are at almost at 9 and 3, it must be some new clock, because it looks like 10 and 2 to me .. hehe.

    (btw .. That’s a baby Ewok !)

  6. The Cute! It! Burns! *thud*

  7. This level of cute should come with the warning: NSFW-BMC (not safe for work-brain melting cute)

  8. @Dora No, a baby. The adults are less cute, but nice-looking.

    But I do feel like this is a critter with ‘tock potential! look at those hocks! :))

  9. Dog Lover says:

    Wow! Just wow!!! *thud*

  10. Martha in Washington says:

    Soul-sucking eyes AND webbed feet? *ded*

  11. For the love of god it’s the earsies! The overfluffed earsies!

  12. This is why all other news channels suck. I’ve not seen this headline anywhere else.

  13. Beady eye factor is off the chart!!!!