They’re Here To Take Us Away

Don’t resist, just come quietly. It will be better for everyone concerned.




  1. I surrender; beam me up now.

  2. OK, I’ll bite. What IS it? It’s damn cute whatever it is and I’m wondering if the cats will get along with it (probably not).

  3. Ummmmm ~ I don’t think that’s real ~ or at least not a real animal.

  4. “And I’ll be happy to see those nice, young men in their clean white coats.”

    I could be a pom-pom pup. It certainly looks like a pom-pom.

  5. rescue gal says:

    I clicked on the link! Save yourselves- DO NOT CLICK THE LINK (ok, TOTALLY click the link).

  6. autumnsong says:

    Pomidy Poof! Or marshmallow with eyes.

  7. I met Oneness of these once! It was cute overload!

  8. He can’t be real! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh I’d like to eat him!

  9. [nods enthusiastically] TOTALLY click the link!!
    Could yon cutie-pie be a Pokemon? Can’t be a tribble, we can see feet and eyes!

  10. It’s a Tribble, right?

  11. Yeah, i’m pretty sure this is one of those pompom toys you put on the end of a pencil.

  12. Our cat, Badger, would YOWL and HISS at it and our other cat, Dooley, would probably think it is a new cat toy for him 😦

  13. A miniture Milo-Marshmellow, perhaps?

  14. I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))) cute beyond words!

  15. What breed is that? Pomeranian? A pup, I think.
    Or is it what happens when a tribble falls in love with an ewok?

  16. MIniscule yeti?

  17. i think its a pomeranian

  18. No way… that CANNOT be real….

  19. Clairdelune says:

    OK, I get it, someone got creative with a pile of spun sugar and three black buttons. Yummy!

  20. hello. this is a test message from Fird the Birfle.

    Because I’m changing my email contact / account data
    on the comments here at cuteoverload so this item will go into Moderayshuns fer awhile.

    O cute powder poof up above. YAY pom poofs!!
    HAI Groovy CO peeps/ mods + otherwise.

    HAI THERESA, kibblenibble and victoreia
    and legions of othaires whose names je ne me souviens a ce moment-ci] !!!

  21. I’m sorry, I was too busy staring at my new overlord. You were saying?

  22. Susan Hughes says:

    I have to have one. Give it to me!

  23. I lol’d hard at this comment!!

  24. PROSH!

  25. Steve Howe says:

    Pomeranian puppy. Cutest puppies ever. Don’t get one. Your head will explode repeatedly. Messy.